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Can somebody tell me what's so special about Michael Vick the QUARTERBACK?

Looking at Michael Vick the QUARTERBACK, can somebody please explain to me what makes him so friggin great? In his most recent season played:

* Passer rating of only 75.7%.

* Completion percentage of only 52.6%.

* Threw only 20 touchdown passes.

* Threw 13 interceptions.

* Falcons missed the playoffs finishing 7-9

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    Lets see the first player in history to ever rush for over 1,000 yards and pass for 1,000.

    Teams cause to run they defensive game play around him.

    Hands down the best quarterback highlights today

    Highlights of one of the most exciting players in NFL history.

    Vick averaged more yards per carry than any player in the history of the game.

    He holds the record for a single game (min 10 att), single season and a career.

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    i could rather Michael Vick at Michael Vick than Michael Vick. I keep in mind Bam Bam's Favre Q, i could rather Brett Favre than Michael Vick. damaging Eagles they are getting Michael Vicked Being Brett Favred is superb. Beinged Michael Vicked is very nearly as undesirable as Michael Vick

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    I've been saying this all along. Most of the people who think he is great are just casual fans who don't know the sport. They have bought into the NFL/Media hype surrounding Vick. I have NEVER thought he was good or worthy of the hype. People keep harping on his rushing ability. Where did 1000 yds rushing get the Falcons? 7-9 and no playoffs. He is worthless as a QB. Period.

    An 80 yard bomb is ineffective if it's 20 yards off target.

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    Michael Vick is the most overrated player in NFL history. Everybody loved him because of what he could do on the run, but as a QB his stats are comparable to Joey Harrington's

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    Micheal Vick isn't that great of a QB but his scrabling will find a job. He won't get a job with a team who already has a QB but alot of teams that have been looking to get new QB for a while. teams such as the rams, vikings, redskins, 49ers, raiders, Browns, Jaguars, Buccaneers will be willing to sign him. also a lot of teams are looking at him for a wild cat QB only but I don't think vick will sign with a team to be a back up only, he said he wants about 10 million a year which no team will give him. don't worry the chargers will not sign him.

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    He's a winner.

    First player to ever beat Packers in Lambeau in january Since the Brett Favre era.

    honestly if you dont know why hes so good then watch some highlights of him.

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    He is the most athletic QB now and forever

    he better thabn some running backs

    thats how he became famous because of speed

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    Ever hear of the Human Joystick? That's what he was that's what he brings the ability to avoid every single pass rusher, take off when he feels like it, break every other defender on the field all in one play. Not to mention he has a pretty f'n strong arm and can throw the deepest bombs there was no talent in atlanta to surround him

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    Even if he sucked at throwing the ball he was extremely good at running the ball and he was awesome to watch,that coming from a Panthers fan.

  • He is the one of the best scrambling QB's of all time. He can throw a ball farther then anybody in the NFL. He has took the falcons to the divisional championship game. Anything else?

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