Costing too much to shock your pool?

It was costing me $10 every time I shocked my (35,000 gallons) pool. Now I do it for $1.50. Common laundry bleach will do the same - 1 qt per 6,000 gallons. A 3 qt bottle of store brand is $1.49. I e-mailed Clorox to be sure and this is the info they gave me ( although I use something cheaper, it is exactly the same stuff)


Jannie - the question was " Is it costing you too much to shock your pool? People with pools understand this.

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    Sodium hypochlorite is liquid chlorine whether called bleach (3-6%) or pool chlorine, 10-12.5%. Your 35,000 gallon pool needs 39oz of 12.5% SHV to obtain 1ppm.

    Typical concentrations are 1-3 with 5ppm max for safe swimming.

    You can use bleach if it is cheaper for you to do so just make sure it is unscented and 6%. Good old Clorox is 6% but store brands often are 5% or less and sometimes do not put the concentration on it so what % are you really buying???

    I pay $10 (wholesale) for a case 4 gallons of SHC 12.5% but you may be able to buy 10% SHC at Lowes or Home Depot at a better price for chlorine. They are $10 for 2 gallons of 10%.

    To make your 35,000 gallon pool 1ppm

    12.5% SHC 39oz or $0.685

    10% SHC 44.8oz or $1.75

    6% SHC 107.5oz or $1.668

    To make your 35,000 gallon pool 10ppm

    12.5% SHC $6.85

    10% SHC $17.50

    6% SHC $16.68

    I figure your dose of 1qt per 6,000 gallons would give you 6.25ppm of chlorine, in your pool, not what you would call 10x break point super chlorination but they worry about bleaching out your pupils so recommend less.

    Not to throw chlorine on your parade you have done a great comparative here that is of much value.

    How do you know your pool is 35,000 gallons?????

    Is your cyanuric acid level at least 30ppm? Otherwise your chlorine is not hangin out like it could be.

    The concept of shocking though implies more than 1-5ppm is used. I prefer to call it super chlorination and you would use 10-30ppm depending on what you were trying to accomplish.

    I prefer SHC over other types of chlorine since it readily mixes in water and does not need any other attention than muriatic acid to balance the pool water pH at 7.4.

    Probably the worst chlorine to use is calcium hypochlorite since 1/2 the bag is calcium. Some folks think it makes the water softer, (they don't think they wear that stuff when they get out) until they feel their plaster get rough or the skum line on the tile gets like Tammy Fay's makup!

    You're welcome!!

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    When I bought this home, I had the pool construction done immediately. In the 8 years I've been here I've only had a little over 2 months without the pool, so I really can't say what the water and electricity cost separate from the home itself. I spend a couple hundred dollars a year on chemicals and a few seals, gaskets, etc., but that's about it. I don't find it much work at all, except spring and fall when I've got leaves from a huge oak tree to deal with. I do my own cleaning and chemicals, but I'm retired and have a lot of time. Now, if you want worry and responsibility free pool ownership you can always hire a pool service to do weekly brushing, chemical balance, and other tasks. I don't know what Poolman's charges are, but I watch his answers in this forum and agree with what he says.

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    Clorox Pool Shock

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    you are kidding? this is a joke right? You got me with this one. You go ahead and save the $7, and while you are at it run the filter half as long as you should, that will save too. Household bleach is 5% per volume chlorine, liquid chlorine is 15% per volume. With out the proper chlorine level you are not shocking your pool, organic waste will not be removed. This will give an invisible home to germs, bacteria, and virus's. Six qts of bleach will not raise the free chlorine level of the water to do the job. A good quality unsterilized powered shock applied after dark and according to instructions will. I don't know who told you that owning a pool could be done cheaply but they lied to you. Owning a pool costs money to be safe. If you don't mind risking the health and safety of you kids, thier friends, your friends, or yourself, keep using the bleach. Keep believing the goof from Chlorox who's interest was selling bleach, not you kids safety. Sorry for being harsh, I care.

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    How To Shock Your Pool

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    You're good. I have a pool and I understand what your question is.

    This is why we should not drink too much soda and eat too much animal products because of the acid contents of them.

    See, if the water in the pool needs chlorine to eliminate gunk and other waste material that the pool collects everyday (remember, the pool does not eat meat and drink acidic water and other liquids (sodas and alcohol) then that means that chlorine and ammonia which in california and other parts of the world, they use this as water treatment, that causes for the people to develop diseases. Our body has it's own acid, sugar, cholesterol-good-bad producing capabilities, and if we put on more of those in excess cause us to get sick chronically and die young. See the correlation? That's why we should not drink pool water accidentally because of the chlorine/chlorox/ammonia/salt contents of it, so the water will look blue and inviting to get into. - email me. want to know how to get high alkaline drinking water? send me an email for a higher ph water to eliminate cause of cancer and other causes of diseases. Drink 9.5ph and not acidic water with 6ph and below. Our company tested the water system-we know now why people is getting sick at the early age.

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    I do the same thing.They make so much stuff--Clear-eyes-super-sparkle etc.The chemical makers would be out of business if they admitted these products aren't needed. I learned after nearly going broke my first year with my pool and mines just fine...The ony thing i buy in the pool store is earth and chlorine tabs. Even muriatic acid costs a third less in the hardware store/

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    Capitol punishment

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    i own a pool company,wait until your ph becomes unbalanced then you will wished you did not use will never be able to balance it again

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