I'm an American looking to go to college in Canada. When/how can I apply for Canadian citizenship?

I'm an American thinking about going to a four year college in Canada. I obviously would need to apply for a student visa, but if I decide to apply for Canadian citizenship, when and how would I do so?



Thanks for the link. So, If I study for four years in Canda, but spend the summers in the United States, since that roughly equates to me living in Canada for the required three out of four years, I could apply after I finish college?

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    If you study for 4 years in Canada and apply for a post-grad work permit when you graduate, see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/study/work-postgrad.a... you may qualify to apply for permanent residency (PR) right away after graduation if you have a job offer under a provincial nominee program (PNP) or in some provinces, you may have to work for a bit first. Look at provincial nominee programs at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/provincial/... for graduate class.

    You can also if you have studied in Canada and after graduation worked for one year, apply under Canadian experience class (CEC), see http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/cec/graduat...

    After you get the PR which may take a year to process, you would have to live in Canada for 3 out of the previous 4 years to apply for citizenship but you may count time you were in Canada before you became PR at 50% discount so if you were in Canada for the full 2 years before you got PR, you could apply for citizenship after 2 years as PR. Then it would take about a year to process the citizenship.

    So your timeline could be:

    4 years college, then apply for PR under PNP with a job offer

    1 year working while PR in in process - get PR after 5 years in Canada

    2 years in Canada as a PR - then apply for citizenship

    1 year to process citizenship, so theoretically you could see citizenship in 8 years

    If you could not apply through PNP and went through CEC, add an extra year to work before you can apply for PR.

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    first you must study and then you must work and then you apply for permanent residency and then you become a citizen

    study - 4 years - study permit

    work - 2 years - work permit

    PR - 4 years - apply under Canadian Experience category (this can take at least 1 year to be processed and then you must live in Canada for 3 years as a PR)

    citizen - finally eligible to apply after 10 years!!

    This is canadian LAW

    PR in Canada = Green Card status in USA

    you cannot just apply for citizenship after a few years at school.

    That does not happen in USA.

    It certainly does NOT happen in Canada either.

    Source(s): PR in Canada
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    Born in Canada, he's got a legitimate claim to being a Canadian citizen. He can have dual citizenship in Canada -- US and Canadian. I'm Canadian too and I wasn't even born in Canada! I can claim multiple citizenship, if I want.

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    If u want to go to Canada for college then first off close your eyes get your 4 year college degree. A couple of my friends got Canadian permanent residency status that later on after being in Canada for 3 years gave them Canadian citizenship. And also what I've heard, they went to Canada on a student visa, finished up their college education and then applied for a thing called Skilled Migration, that requires so many things that are listed on those links that u see in other people's answers. Normally for American citizens getting canadian permanent residency status takes about 6-8 months stretching worst case scenario up to 12 months. College G.P.A. plays an important role as well, I've heard in the past people got denied due to the fact that their G.P.A. was less than 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. And being home during the summers really doesn't count. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Part of the requirements for getting a student visa is that you must go home when your studies are complete - no exceptions. When you get home, if you then qualify, you can then apply to immigrate to Canada.

    Spending the summers in the US during your study period won't count for anything. You can apply to immigrate after college but you have to apply from your home country.

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    It isn't going to work like that.

    You would enter Canada as an international student, paying much higher fees, as you would not be subsidised.

    Permanent residency is handled as described in the link below.

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    This is the official website of Immigration Canada, it will tell you all about how to apply:


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    it's all on our government website. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/index.asp

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