What Was The Cold War And Why Did It Happen?

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    Hi I'm studying this at the moment, so i can help you.

    The Cold War was essentially a struggle of political ideologies between the democratic U.S and the Communist based Soviet Union, from 1945-1991. America was seen as the upholders of liberty, justice, equality and the free market economy, but the U.S.S.R opposed them, encouraging a more radical regime of strict governing by rule of officials only, without consent of the populace.

    So why did the Cold War happen? In 1945, the "big three", Winston Churchill (U.K Prime Minister), Harry Truman (American President) and Joseph Stalin (U.S.S.R President), met at a conference in the city of Yalta, Crimea. Here the world leaders decided how to de-Nazify Germany, but they had to come to a reasonably fair arrangement. It was agreed that the Soviet Union would control many Eastern European states, including half of Germany. It was also stated that France, America and Britain would divide the other half of Germany between them in administrative sectors. But soon it was apparent that the Communist regime of the U.S.S.R was in no way appropriate in accordance with the laws of American foreign policy (Truman Doctrine, NATO). Thus, as the U.S pressured the Soviet Union, fierce replies were exchanged. On may the 5th, 1955, in Poland, the U.S.S.R even demanded the Eastern part of Europe (under their influence) to sign the Warsaw Pact, a treaty of mutual co-operation and friendship. From here things just got worse to be honest.

    However, slightly off the topic, one of the main reasons behind why there was ever increasing tensions in this era can be related to the 'domino theory'. This concept stated when one nation fell to Communism, the neighbouring state would soon follow.

    Here's a timeline to explain why Western nations became so worried about the spread of Communism, and fought to prevent it "infecting others". As you'll see, the domino theory was proven to be correct, Communism having spread down the East coast of Asia rather rapidly.

    1917: The Bolshevik Revolution occurs in the Tsar Empire (Russia), and the Red Army Communists seize control from the monarchy.

    1949: Mao Zedong initiates his Communist powers in China.

    1950: North Korea declares their independence as a Communist state, threatening the South with invasion. This would soon eventuate to the Korean War, which lasted 3 years.

    1954: The North Vietnamese General, Vo Giap, defeats the imperial French at the famous battle site Dien Bien Phu. Here North Vietnam embraces Communism under their new leader Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam remains a prosperous, peaceful, democratic society - but not for long. The Vietnam War commenced in 1959, and concluded with a Communist victory with the capture of Saigon in 1975.

    1955: The Malayan Emergency took place, where Communist rebels attempted to overthrow the established government.

    1966: G30's Communist guerillas attacked the Indonesian defence force, in an effort to overtake the government.

    Source(s): Studying this subject at the moment. Just my own memory of it.
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    it was a power struggle between the communist soviet union and the democratic USA to see who would be the dominant world power.

    although the two sides never fought eachother directly they were involved in conflicts where they both assisted opposite sides. for example the vietnam war.

    a major event in the cold war was the cuban missile crisis. the 2 countries very nearly came to blows over an incident involving russia stationing weapons on cuba.

    the space race was also a major part of the cold war. although they were fighting to get to space first, the main point of this was to develop technology for better bombs.

    it was basically an arms race. to see who could build the biggest and best bombs.

    it ended with the dissolution of the soviet union.

    the cold war

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    The cold war was between Russia and the USA.

    After WW2 they both had nuclear power and the Cold War was a race between the two superpowers to become dominant. There was great suspicion between the two and I am pretty sure there was a lot of espionage (spy work).

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    The cold war was a war between the Soviet Union (Russia) and the U.S. We started the war fearing the Soviet Union would spread communism to the rest of the world. Once the war began it became a space race. Both the US and Soviet Union were in a panicked frenzie to make more nuclear weapons a space craft. the war ended with the downfall of the Soviet Union.

    Source(s): We learned all about the Cold war this year, I'm good :)
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    The cold war was simply a clash between two ideologies, capitalism/democracy and communism/dictatorship .This conflict is still going on in smaller ways through out the world today.

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    It means we were at war but not actively fighting. Communism vs Democracy and freedom.

    It was a standoff between the USA and Russia. Both countries afraid to do anything to piss the other off, and being afraid that at any minute we would be in a nuclear war.

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    The Cold War was an ideological struggle between the liberal democratic,free market capitalist West, led by USA, and the totalitarian,command economy communist states, led by USSR.It lasted from 1945 - 1989.

    It was caused by a Soviet unwillingness to coexist with the liberal democratic,free market capitalist part of the world after WW2 - the USSR believed in eventually taking over the whole world.This forced the West,in particular the USA, to attempt to contain the spread of communism after WW2.

    The war was 'cold' because there was no direct fighting between the US military and the USSR military.

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    The cold war was basically a arms race between the US and USSR who indirectly fought in places around the war. Both have nuclear arms and the cost spiralled leaving USSR to collapse.

    IT happened because USSR didnt feel safe with US bein more powerful and had to catch up with weapons and the US didnt feel safe with the USSR havin such weapons so they both spiralled out of control until the soviet union collapsed.

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