pls translate in english

pls help me to translate the below paragraph in english, thanks!



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    Do u want me to translate it to english? but the explaination above didn't translated them into english.... i could help you!!


    1. The Company recognized the following employees in the above-mentioned period wages paid to the number of working days has been recorded in the table. The Company will pay the closing date for seven days to the following employees should be paid their wages.


    2. The Company has under this pay period, record the payment of wages, wages will be bank transfer or check has been paid to the following employees, and employees have been signed and received full wages.

    Hope i can help you!! ><

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    Hey, the best answer was just using a google web translate! this is not a literal translation!

    its not correct to worth the points!

    for example: "截糧日期" should be "...cut-off date..." not "closing date"....

    you may tricky the points from the asker!

    2009-07-14 12:44:01 補充:

    People may want to ask the professionals or the native speaker. If just simple web translate they may do it themselves, why the asker need to post the question here! And the errors may cause the asker trouble!

    2009-07-14 12:44:13 補充:

    The persons who just use the web translator, and Not native speaker or professionals please don’t answer the translation questions that post by the asker here!

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