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what is happening to me?

To be honest, I haven't got many friends, someone who I can talk to

is my brother, Yes we speak English, I can't find anyone else to talk to except him,

In my house, I only watch British films, listen to British radio, because

I can't stand Taiwanese programmes, sorry to say they are horrible

I was wondering if I can't integrate into Taiwanese culture...


Hi I am not English, I am the same as you, because I have stayed in the UK for ages..

Update 2:

I find so weird, I say no Chinese in my mind, there is a sound say no to me,

I can tell you for now I don't like speaking Chinese at all, I don't knw what

happened to me...so weird

Update 3:

hi kingslai you thought I am English, no I am not

hi Leuchen oh I am not arrogant, I don't get it, why can't they speak English if

they understand me, Taiwanese people can read and write English, can't they?

Update 4:

Hi kingslai, Thank you for advice

someone who I don't like is to close to me for English practising, you know what I mean, anyway Taiwan is not an English speaking country, I should get

used to speak Chinese, and I haven't got many friends here by the way

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    Let me ask you a question. Do people expect you speak good Mandarin if they realize you are not a Taiwanese native. If they don't, how do you expect people who are not English native to speak good English? It's all about your attitude towards people here if you'd like to integrate into Taiwanese culture. You'd better learn to talk to people here in Mandarin. Taiwanese people are so friendly that you won't be looked down if you speak terrible Mandarin. If you still can't get used to it, you may consider going back to England.

    Most of the British use the word "horrible" instead of "terrible". So I gues you're from England^^

    P.S. I used to study in London for three years^^

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    No I did not think you were British. By reading your post, I felt like you were sent to Britain when you were young.

    2009-06-18 15:53:48 補充:

    There are some people here who would love to speake English with foreigners. I believe your Taiwanese friends are too sky to speak English with you. Let them get used to speaking English with you then. If they don't, you may try to find someone who likes to speak English. Good luck, mate.

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    There are many bilingual schools in Taiwan.

    Needless to say, there are a lot of kids who speak English like you guys. You should have no trouble finding people having the same background.

    Go to Page One Book Store, for instance.

    And one advice, if you are coming back to Taiwan for long stay, don't act like a snob. I have heard people who just came back from other country making rude remarks about Taiwan. Do not presume that Taiwanese can not understand your English. Chances are, they do. They just don't speak it.


    I agree with you that most Taiwanese TV programs are horrible.

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    well, Henry, how long have you been living in Taiwan?

    Are you English?

    Maybe it's better to have more Taiwanese friends.

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    you can bake to usa

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