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Linux operating system?

I went to the mall about a year ago looking at laptops.

I saw one i liked..it was a ASUS EEE PC which had a Linux (I think)

operating system..but it was unlike any i had seen before. I ask the man which OS it was..he said Linux but not which one it was like "Linux Mint" for example.

Its desktop was just 6 or so BIG icons like "music" "computer" "documents" "internet" that sort of thing. But no start menu...

Does anyone know what OS this is?

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    Hello Tim;

    I did a little checking and this is what I found:




    It goes on to say that Xandros distribution of Linux was based on Debian. Mint and Ubuntu also have a debian roots -- I recommend Ubuntu highly.

    One of the selling points with Linux is that the desktop can be custom configured to show applications in catagories.

    It is like a start menu that shows all the games in one menu or all the system tools in another.

    After reading a little about the GUI -- I think you can do much better now. It used KDE -- looks wonderful but every time I've tried to use it I ended up "over tweaking" it until it wouldn't work. In my opinion (and there are many people who disagree) Gnome is better than KDE!

    Best of luck,


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    Yes, it's linux. Linux is not a interface, but a core system. This makes more of an operating system than windows. You can choose and make it work just how you want it to. I like the GNOME interface, with the Fedora distribution. Another advantage is that you may try it from the CD without installing it. I t can run just fine full fledged from a CD, but it comes up the exact same way it was originally when you reboot. It will also let you install to your hard drive right from the CD, That will make changes stick. it's also much much much faster than a CD. Linux is much more stable than windows or even mac, and is virus free. It has many features you will love available, and can run on even some of the oldest computers. I saw one kind for the Commodore 64! It only worked at a terminal though. Linux is a much better choice, and is an awesome choice for anyone, and will easily install on pretty much any PC. I use linux, and NO WINDOWS! It is a much better solution. get it at my site: http://linuxmadegeeky.weebly.com/get-linux.html

    I wish they let me use HTML. It feels sloppy to just copy and paste the location when you could just click on the word here instead.

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    I believe that was Linpus lite 9.4 I included a link for one of the screen shots so you can see if it is the one you are asking about. Click one one of the screen shots on the left side.

    It doesn't have to be run specifically on a netbook. I have it loaded on an older HP Brio PIII, 450MHZ, 256Meg ram desktop.

    I have 250 Linux LiveCDs and play with everyone of them by testing them on different computers.

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    They Run off of Xandros Linux

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  • Jack
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    That only helps us narrow down what window manager or desktop environment it's using. It sounds like XFCE, if anything (as I doubt it'd be running anything less widely-used like fvwm or some other such window manager without great prominent taskbars). If you want to know exactly what's under the hood, you'd have to find it again and do `uname -a` in a terminal.

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    I think its Xandros, but if you buy it, just wipe it and install Ubuntu netbook remix instead

  • Xandros and it sucks from what I heard MS bought them out

  • beers
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    Could be anything.

    Ubuntu Netbook Remix looks pretty good though, you should check it out.

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    Ubuntu? That's what my desktop looks like when I use it.

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