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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionOther - Television · 1 decade ago

Why did people watch the TV series "Otherworld"(1985)? What was it about?Why did it get canceled?

Why did people watch this TV series? What was the premise/plot of the series? Who all starred in it?Have the stars of this TV series gone on to better roles since it canceled? Is it ever going to come out on DVD?

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  • Rick
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    1 decade ago
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    Q1 - A family being sucked into a parallel universe and trying to survive

    Q2 - I can not find anywhere the reason for being canceled.

    Q3- I'm not sure people had time to watch this series since it only lasted 8 episodes

    Q4 - The plot was a family goes into some Pyramid type structure and gets sucked to a parallel universe from their they try to blend in while trying to figure out a way to get home.

    Q5 -

    * Father Hal Sterling - Sam Groom

    * Mother June Sterling - Gretchen Corbett

    * Teen son Trace Sterling - Tony O'Dell

    * Teen daughter Gina Sterling - Jonna Lee

    * Youngest child Smith Sterling was played by two different actors, Brandon Crane and Chris Hebert. Crane played Smith in the pilot, which was aired as the first and fifth episodes.

    * Kommander Nuveen Kroll - Jonathan Banks

    * Lieutenant Zero, Kommander Kroll's aide - Wayne Alexander

    Q6 - It looks like a few them like Tony O'Dell moved on to do better things such as Karate Kid II however most them played small minor rolls in tv series from the late 80's up until this year.

    Q7 - Looks like it has come out on DVD

    Side Note- On the wikipedia page it suggest that 13 episodes for the series were shot but only the first 8 played in the US. There is speculation that the last 5 episodes played overseas in foreign countries, because some remember an episode where the Sterling Family comes home. But who knows really?

    This link has all 8 episodes streaming so you can watch them

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Otherworld 1985

  • I recall it having a shaky schedule, having a timeslot which was pre-empted multiple times by things like football games. Because of the sporadic nature of its appearance, it was only beginning to develop a following before ABC decided to nip it in the bud. ABC has had a reputation for self-defeat, having killed many promising series after only one season, if not before. After having the rug pulled out from under so many times, I d rather wait until they ve aired a couple years worth of material before downloading episodes. That way, with any luck, at least you won t be cut off in the middle of a story arc just as things turn interesting. That said, there is enough cult following for this imaginative series that it might be worth opening the vault and release the 12 or 13 episodes straight to dvd.

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