Medical abuse of a child by a psychiatrist should be reported to who?

I am trying to find out where to go about a psychiatrist wrongfully and excessively drugging a child in Missouri. Who do I report this to and where can I find contact information? Thank you for your help.


No I am not a doctor but I am a caregiver of the child and a teacher. Not to mention that it is a clear case of abuse.

The Department of Social Services in Missouri has been no help and currently cannot locate their files on the case against the mother.

I think I will try the AMA. Thanks

Update 2:

I do not need to share all the sordid details on the internet to find out who to report it to. I am a parent, a caregiver, and a teacher. The child is obviously over drugged and cries about taking the medication. The mother is trying to have him declared mentally disabled at 4 years old and collect SSI. The only thing wrong with the child is his home life. I just need to know who to report the doctor to. I have already reported the other people involved in the case. I am a mandatory reporter of child abuse in my profession.

Update 3:

The AMA is useless to me but I am trying the Missouri Medical Board.

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    Try communicating at this link:

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    Well you really need to provide more information. You haven't said if it is physical abuse or why YOU, not a medical professional, believes the medication is to much.

    Just because a doctor may have prescribed the wrong dose, while an unpleasant thought, does not automatically constitute abuse.

    First, if the child is diagnosed with ADHD, there will be some trial and error time with his meds. If you assume the child is being abused just because he takes a higher dose of meds than you think he should be.....well we all know what assuming does.

    I would begin by having a conversation with the parents, both of them. And explain your concerns, and ask them if they have thought of changing the dr or speaking with the dr about reducing the dose of the meds for the child.

    Certain drugs an change a child disposition. While some delightful aspects of a child can be reduced; some of the more negative behavior can be also. Sometimes it is a matter of what the child needs to be able function in daily activities.

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    Department of human services or child protection services.

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    AMA (American Medical Association). All psychiatrists are physicians.

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    You'd have to provide more info. I assume you're a doctor and therefore know more than the doctor writing the prescription?

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