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How can I grow and improve my small business?

Running a small business can be a challenging task, especially in today's economic environment. What are some ways you have grown or improved your business?

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    You should have an aggressive marketing plan to promote your company and your products or services. These days, competition is really tight in any field, and people are really looking for ways to save. You have to come up with something that is worth the customer's time, effort, and money, and where they can get added value for what they are paying.

    Use marketing materials like fliers, catalogs, posters to get your promotions across.

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    I've realized that it takes a team to really help something excel. If you want to make your business grow, get a team together that has strengths in your weak areas and they should also have a interest in the business success.

    Currently what I'm doing is using my resources (certain people I know) and putting together a board that will be my team. I have not a lot of capital to pay them for their professional services so what I will offer them is equity in the business. With their interest in the business succeeding, now I have about 4 to 5 people to help promote the success of the business and this will make it not so overwhelming on me and keep the business alive.

    ( A little of something is a whole lot better than ALL of Nothing!!!)

    We should keep in touch. We're in the same boat pretty much.

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    Make sure your business is findable online, through search sites, like GOOGLE.

    If you sell items (ie. clothes, furniture) items that can be shipped, try creating an online store with places like ebay.

    You can always try posting flyers in the local vicinities and advertise something enticing.. (ie. GRAND OPENING - BRING THE KIDS FOR FREE SNOWCONES & BALLOONS)

    If you have a company car, have your logo and business # placed on your car so that you can DRIVE & ADVERTISE!

    Source(s): All of the things that I have listed, are things that always catch my eye, as a customer, and for example if I am looking for a pizza place, I will google search it, sometimes I see flyers that catch my attention, and I will attend the event, other times, I see cars with company info on it, like plumbing, glass repair whatever, window tinting, If it is something that I think I can use, I will write down the number....
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    update your biz plan

    make sure your customers are happy

    find more customers

    watch your profit margins

    [or work for free]

    will help you temporarily, for free

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