Should I go out with him, I'm not sure about him?

I don't know him well, but my parents will not approve because he's not the same nationality. I kinda like him, but not that much. I'm not sure yet. He asked me to the movies, if I say yes is that a definite date? How would you reply if you just want to be friends?


I'm scared if I go out with him my family will find out.

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    what nationality is he? and scr*w your parents just go out with him and tell your family, if they dont like him then they can kiss your a*s

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    The right thing to do is to say no, but still keep in touch with him and yeah just in case, you know ; )

    If you say yes, he would think it's a date, but when you go on the "date", act like he's your friend and nothing more, don't have physical contact with him too much, wear clothing that you would when you go out if your girl friends and act normal and chill, but don't be too cold, smile at him and stuff.

    Or you could bring a best friend along, someone you can trust, and of course remember to ask him about it and don't leave him out!!

    If you really start to like him, ask your parents would they like it if someone from another country asked you out or whatever. Yeah, hoped I helped.

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    I think that you shouldn't go out with him because family will always be there. Boys will come and go. You could tell him that you just want to be friends for now. I would say,"That's really flattering, but I just want to take it slow for now. Is it okay if we go as friends?" Or you can tell him you just want to be friends and invite a few more friends to the movies so that things aren't awkward. You probably shouldn't say yes because you don't want to lead him on. Hope this helped =)

    Source(s): I was in the same situation
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    Go out with him, If you have a good time with him date him a couple more times, otherwise then just tell him straight up you're not interested and why.

    Who cares about your parents.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'm in a similar position(my parents won't let me have a boyfriend)

    if they find out just say that your just friends. If you like him and he likes you then nothing should stop you two from being happy. just take it slowly

  • 1 decade ago

    just go with him dont be so afraid

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