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Can I wear this is this party? Best answer gets 10 points :)?

Im 15 and my friends having a sweet 16 party with the theme 'pimps anf ho's'' ( and btw; dont go on arnt you too young, i wanna live life to the best and i dont care what you think phaaa :) ) and I was gunna go as a slutty school girl, but i looked up costume ideas and is supposed to be like zebra stuff so is that okay? And also where can I get some v.hight heels that can go with black knee high socks with bows on? I was thinking lepord print something like this or this;

but remeber ive gotta be able to walk,

and also if you want ten points;

me and this boy met at her 13th party, and we dated and broke up beause we live too far away, we still talk now and I would like some tips to get with him, and possibly more?


best answer; 10 points :)

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    Heya! I love this idea! Your not to young. I mean live life to the full and have fun that's what I say! XD

    I found a website were there are a few socks with bows on them.

    Also I love the second shoes. They are cool! Maybe where a white school shirt with a open front with black frilly bra. A short checked skirt and the socks and the shoes. Also maybe a bow or leopard print head band.! Have a great time! Hope I helped ...x

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    About the heels, i think black heels would look better. But they look really nice though. I was thinking black heels, with knee hight socks, a plaid skirt that comes on the thigh and a white buttoned down shirt but make sure it's short so that your stomach shows :p

    About the guy, tell him that you still care about him,see what he says then say 'You know, I'd move just to be with you..' (say that even if it's a negative reply) He'll come around, don't worry(;

    Good luck with everything :p

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    Im also 15, but im a guy so this is just my opinion.

    I would go as the slutty school girl but i would'nt be to revealing because you want to keep the guys wondering what your hiding. DONT BE A TOTAL ****!

    And you should'nt have a problem getting with him if you 2 just broke up because you live to far away. But im sorry to say i cant help you with getting more... just be yourself.

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    If you want this boy's attention, you need to upstage all of the other girls at the party, and to do this, you need to be the largest **** in the room.

    Walk in as a stripper, and as the night progresses slowly take off a layer of clothing until you are stark naked.

    This will seem awkward at first, but after a few minutes of your nudity, you boyfriend will be all over you.

    Make sure you bring condoms. Wouldn't want to be immature!

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    well if you go to h&m down town you can get some pretty hot shoes there,and d-tox,urban planet,and amnesia!,i am a boy buy i have a pretty hot girlfriend and she has some really hot shoes from those places,btw.there are lepord print and zeebra print shoes there.also some pretty HOT shirts.

    when she wairs those things im like woah girl!

    btw i am 16 so i think i can relate to the guy you wanna hook uop with! good luck..try those stores!


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    hiya your not too young im 14 and ive been too loads of parties and i went to a pimp& hoes one and it was AMAZING! if i was you i wouldnt go as a slutty school girl i would wear a corset, black hot pants, knee high socks and v high heals. you can also aseserise a lot with black. you wont to wear soming thats guna stand you out and thats different, ireckon loads of people wil be school girls :)

    to get the lad i would dance right in front of him or talk and flirt with him, :) xxx

    good luck hunie ! xxx

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    I like the first ones they don't have the strap across the top.. and I wouldn't grab his crotch you can go up to him and give him a hug and a kiss on the neck or the cheek. and tell him that he looks good but don't grab his crotch that's just gonna make him think that you want one thing not a relationship. Good Luck Hope All Goes Well..

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    Thats sickk.

    You should stick ta one animal print. either zebra or just leapard.

    The first link, those shoes are tight. you should get emm.

    for the boy:

    -try to flirt with him and see what happens.

    -if he acts the same, try a little harder without looking like a ****; lol.

    -Try acting real sweet but in control.

    -Maybe dance together, show a little action((:

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    u love the first heeeelsss get like a black or brown cuteee dress thats shortt =] &+ flirt withh him alot grindd on h im the wholee timee. if you noe how but practice and bee goood . sit on his lapp/. just be really outgoingg and like dance with other guys too, like thats hes friends with and have them be like omg that girls so hot and stuff have funn =]

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    yeah that's a nice outfit.

    if you're costume is gonna be zebra then don't mix it up with leopard.

    but if you are going with leopard the first choice of shoes look the best

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