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The Amanda Knox trial?

What are your thoughts and opinions?

Does anyone know why this trial is taking so long?

Thank you!

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    Firstly here is a page of trial vids.

    This is turning into an 'OJ' scenario, Amanda is / has changed her story quite a few times over the last 18 months or so, she is now saying that she wasn't even in the apartment on the night in question.

    Because she is American with American and Italian lawyers they will explore every avenue, a verdict is not expected before the fall.

    I think that there is a great deal more information to emerge over the next few weeks.

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    I have no idea why it's taking so long but I believe Knox is guilty. I think she regrets it terribly now but, in my view, she did it, along with her Harry Potter wannabe ex boyfriend, and that other guy. I'm of the opinion they were all high on drugs when they killed that poor girl.

    Hopefully the trial will be over soon and the truth will come out. xx

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    Thoughts.....poor meredith what an awful crime & a sad loss for her family.


    Knox is as guilty as sin. A sick individual who's smoked too much weed & rotted her brain in the process.

    Why is it taking so long?

    There's a lot of testimony to hear, many witnesses to give evidence & forensic tests to explain.

    The Italian court system is a mystery to me.

    It will take as long as it takes.

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    Guilty as charged! That young lady is a snake!

    She tried to pretend she was just an innocent bystander, yet she is a liar & a murderer!

    They're not going to take her crap in Italy!

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    Who is Amanda Knox?

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