Will Kosova get its own Soccer team?

now that Kosovo is a independed country, is there a chance they will get their own soccer team?


Id love it if they did, because I was born there and I want to see my country playing the sport we all love.

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    On February 17, 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia and sought international recognition. A number of states such as France, the United States and the United Kingdom immediately recognised the new state. Others, such as Serbia, Russia and Spain are fiercely opposed to independence.

    On May 6, 2008, Kosovo applied for FIFA membership. "It's an historical moment for our country. We hope to be accepted.", said Fadil Vokrri, president of the FFK. Kosovo's applications will be discussed at the FIFA Congress in Sydney, at the end of May 2008. So far FIFA has not adopted a formal position, although its membership criteria implicitly state that new applicants have to be sovereign states, and this may scupper Kosovo's application, as Russia has promised to veto any move towards recognition by the United Nations. The IOC has stated that Kosovo must be a member of the UN before it can enter the Olympics. As with previous controversial applications, such as Gibraltar’s bid to join UEFA, this is likely to be an extremely drawn-out process. Kosovo is still formally represented by Serbia in UEFA and FIFA competitions.

    During a visit to Serbia in March 2009, UEFA head Michel Platini reiterated that the so-called Kosovo national football team could not join UEFA. Platini said, "Politics is not my job, and UEFA honors its statute, which is clear: a state that does not belong to the U.N. cannot become a member of the organization, but I would like for us to find a way for young people in Kosovo to play football." Later that month, Kosovo played their first away game, when they played against the Swedish club team Malmö FF on March 28.

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    Yes, the World Cup Committee has recognized Montenegro from 2006, I'm sure they will allow Kosova to have a team. I really hope so because I was born there.

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