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Why does my manual transmission BMW use ATF?

BY what i know ATF stands for Automatic transmission fluid so if I have a manual why does the car need it?


PS Im only 18 and am just starting to get to know cars

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  • brod
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    1 decade ago
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    18 years of age is not a bad start. And I think you are on the right track for being interested in things like cars. Unlike some people who are much older who do not even know how to open the hood, much less how to add coolant or oil or add air to the tires.

    But do not think that all BMW manual transmissions use ATF since they do not. Even BMW automatic transmissions do not all use ATF.

    Why BMW uses and recommends different kinds of oils is a complex question which lesser mortals like us should not bother with. Forget about the why. Just use what is indicated on the label under the transmission, or what is officially recommended as per TIS or EPC

    (BMW repair procedures and parts catalog). Sometimes comparable oils can be bought outside of BMW and naturally they are cheaper.

    And you should have mentioned the year and series of your BMW for a more rational discussion of the subject as it relates to your car.

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  • 1 decade ago

    99.9% of all transmissions use ATF, now just BMW's. Manual and automatic transmissions both have similar mechanisms, and similar materials. Of course the actual means of shifting is different but the actual gearing is very similar. ATF is specially formulated to protect the seals, and gears used in AT;s, these seals and gears are of the same material in MT's.

    Source(s): It's kinda common knowledge
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Older gearboxes are mostly steel. Newer transmissions are mostly some kind aluminum alloy, and the internal parts are made of advanced materials.

    Source(s): M/B parts advisor
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