christians, who beleive the bible....................................?

why do you beleive the bible, as opposed to just beleiving in god?

dont give me scripture reasons, its not what im asking for

i want your persoanl reasons and explanation as to why YOU, beelieve and follwo the bible, which is just a book

especially when it has so many flaws and issues that contradict facts, reality and truth

im not being offensive, im genuinly asking, its something that i have no idea about,and i want to know

why do you follow and beleive the bible, rather than simply beelive in god




this is what you have to say on teh subject?

complain and point out my typing issues?

do you hoenstly think this is origional or makes you soemhow cool or informative or any number of other things that make you seem other than what it does make you seem?

im a terrible tyoper, im veyr sorry that offends you

please, next time you have any problems with my typign and spelling, dont bother ansering, you only show yourselves up and waste all our times


Update 2:

i do lemmie ;-D

it only shows how sad and pathetic they are atha tthey cant just answer the q and isnted have to attack something so simple

Update 3:

"I used to use this site as a place to be smart-aleck. Now, I wonder if I can use this site to open minds"

i love that

whats funny is, ha, that snto what you did here at all, only showed your own closed one

and, i think your stil tyrign to be a smart alec

Update 4:

lemmie i love your answer

but still, for me, the bible and accepting it is not about faith so much as just bleeiivn gtwhat you read

the faith to me comes from beleving in god

the book, i dont see it as connected to that

thats why i wonder, why it is for many

i totally get what your saying,a nd it helps me understand the feelings, but not the reasons why you then live by it and bleeive it

i mean, i feel that way about things to, but i dotn then live by them as facts of life

Update 5:

i know that fireball, its why im asking questions

isnt that why we are all asking qs

again im veyr complimented by your appearance and answer of my q


Update 6:

fair enough anew, but why bother?

you only show yourself up more than you do me

im kidn of well known for my tying issues, i make no bones about them and i dont try to pretend to be soemone im not, unlike many

why thats actualyl a problem for soemone liek you, who claaims to be tryign to be more open minded, only shows, youi have alonger way to go then you realise

thansk fro your answer

Update 7:

crazy nurse...

i get what your saying

but we alrady have plenty of guidlnes for morals and how to be bette rpeople

i manage just fine without the bible,

and the contradictons are highly important as they only show reasons NOT to beleive it or live by it as truth

ignoring them only sugests soemthign to ignore

Update 8:

june smiles

lovely name ;-)

and great answer, thanks

very rational, logical and explanatory

just what im looking for

Update 9:

thank you a-bug

very nice answer


thanks to all so far, i appreciate eveyr answer

they all go to helping me learn


Update 10:


although i appreciate your answer

im not going to read the bible, i have no desire to read the bible


i do not beleive it

im askign you, and those who do a question as to why you do

i dont have to read it to know why YOU believe it

Update 11:

however, i have read many of the contradictionsand they do exist

i will not ignore that, as i said, its only bias that would allow soemone toignore that, or sugegst they are not contraditioncs

they very much are

part of faith is to understand all the truth and then make adecision, not ignore some of it

Update 12:

why dr house im very honoured you would call at my q

now can you have a look at my rash ;-P

Update 13:

well im here to entertain for sure

Update 14:

and yourself micha art ;-)

Update 15:

glow wings ;-)

nice to see you today

Update 16:

lan ;-)

how you been, not seen you for ages

hope all is good

Update 17:

"It is His book about man, NOT man's book about Him"

very interesting coment and way to look at it penumbra

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You look into anything for too long and you are going to find things that contradicts it self. Not that I'm saying that I feel the bible is wrong but me as a human that cant stand to face the difficult things in life alone need assistance. I choose that assistance to be the bible, some people say " the bible was written by man not by god, how could you believe/follow that?" In my opinion whether it be right or wrong its my opinion and its how I feel. I feel that yes it was written by man who documenting there accounts, the bible isn't just a book full of rules it is a book that provide stories, poems, prayer, songs on different topics and situation so someone can find peace, strength, comfort, wisdom and encouragement through them.

    I don't feel that people believe in the bible over God, believing in God is like being in a relationship, in order for your relationship to thrive you have to nourish it, give your relationship time and attention. Praying, worshiping, reading the bible, doing gods will makes you feel connected with God, your nourishing your relationship, your giving him your time and attention.

    Source(s): me, not perfect and don't have all the answer but I try my best
  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Frou -

    Hope all is going well.

    Here's the deal in my world: The Bible is a book inspired by God, but it's man made. What's really important is the way it can be used as a tool for learning. In my church we don't interpret it literally - we use metaphysical interpretations and apply them to life today.

    Look at stories like the Prodigal Son. We can learn so much about forgiveness without conditions from that. The book is full of them.

    What's a challenge and very sad is when people try to interpret the Bible literally and then use it as a weapon against others. To me, that's the most UN-Christian thing a person can do.

    I almost forgot - the Bible is not the only Book I use to gain greater understanding. If anyone's interested I would suggest reading the following:

    A Course in Miracles

    The Tao of Physics

    The Nature of Personal Reality

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are, "really asking because it is something you have no idea about", then I suggest that you study the Bible. You will be amazed at how the world will open up to you both personally and spiritually. It can change your life for the better.

    Concerning Bible contradictions ..... no, scripture does not contradict itself. To the unbeliever and the uninformed; yes, it sometimes does seem to contradict itself or seem to be in error. In actuality that is not the case. Believe me, the Bible is not in error.

    I personally believe the Bible and attemp to follow its teachings because: ......... it is the most wonderful book ever written and is a unique witness to God, his Plan for mankind, and his love for me personally. No other book ever written is so wonderful in so many respects. God did not create the universe for no reason and it (the universe) did not just happen by chance. God did not put man on this earth on a path leading nowhere. Each of us had a beginning and we have an eternal destiny (that destiny is to reside with him forever and experience his eternal love and fellowship). Do you want to find that path and that eternal destiny? It can be found and your life can be better during the jorney.

    Start your jouney (study the Bible) and enjoy the experience (fellowship and study with other believers).

    Source(s): Personal Experience
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Don't you love it when you ask a sincere unoffensive question and people have to attack you about spelling? LOL RUDE!

    Anyway...what a lot of people don't understand is faith. I believe in God. I've read the Bible. And you just can't ignore the strong spiritual feeling you get when reading the words of God. I understand that people interpret the words of God differently. That is why there are so many different religions in this world, and this is why some people feel there are contradictions in the Bible. You have to read it with an open heart, an open mind, and you have to be able to ask questions to God. Do I understand everything in the Bible? Of course not. But I have faith that I will, and I understand that I can't know everything there is to know.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have found much spiritual and emotional and practical wisdom in it. I've studied the original languages, the history of how it was put together, and its various writers.

    Parts of it are allegories, history, wisdom writings. Just because a behavior is recorded in the Bible doesn't mean I think it is held up as an example of how I should act. It is a record of how people understood their relationship with God.

    Of all the sacred texts I've read, the Bible speaks to me in a way personally and spiritually that others do not. I believe it because I find truth in it.

  • Lan R
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Hey Frou ;)

    The bible is "supposedly" written by men that God instructed personally. I do not believe that, but since you asked about conventional Christians, its basically that they believe that that book is the closest thing they'll ever get to God telling them what to do.

    I dont like the Bible because its violent, hypocritical, and written by men.

    I just believe in God and Jesus =)

    Hope this helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe the bible is a "good book" words by men, "inspired by God", well of course. We are inspired by God much of the time, and thank God for that.

    The bible while probably based on true events, and memories is not factual while telling the story, It tells many stories to make many points. The men who wrote the books chosen, (by men) to comprise the bible told the stories in a manner people of the time could understand. They certainly put their personal spin on the stories. All of that is fine, but for me believing in God, and that He did send His Son Jesus , the Christ, our Lord and Savior, to die for us so man may be forgiven his sins is what is important to believe.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are a lot of questions I have about the Bible, but I have read it

    through and the concepts, ideas, guidelines given in this book are meant to lead us in the right direction. Concepts on marriage, social

    ideals, morals, financial concepts are all in this book. I believe if you

    follow the concepts of this great book it is a roadmap for peace, success, prosperity, good marriage, good sex, good everything. Don't get hung up on the issues you think contradict.

  • Bob
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    the bible is the word of God written down by man. If you believe in God you must follow the bible.

  • 1 decade ago

    Who got the real knowledge through the Holy Spirit guide and who search the real truth through with their experience by reading Holy Bible.

    Source(s): My experience as the author of the question asked.
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