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can birth control pills cause fatty liver?

just recently, i found out that i have a fatty liver.

i've been taking BCPs for about a year and a half now, and even just until a couple of months ago, my liver function was fine.

is it possible that the bcps have caused the build up of fat in my liver? or is it more likely that there is another cause?


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    no fatty liver is caused by:

    Fatty liver is commonly associated with alcohol or metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, obesity and dyslipidemia) but can also be due to any one of many causes[2][3]:


    Abetalipoproteinemia, glycogen storage diseases, Weber-Christian disease, Wolman disease, acute fatty liver of pregnancy, lipodystrophy


    Malnutrition, total parenteral nutrition, severe weight loss, refeeding syndrome, jejuno-ileal bypass, gastric bypass, jejunal diverticulosis with bacterial overgrowth

    Drugs and toxins

    Amiodarone, methotrexate, diltiazem, highly active antiretroviral therapy, glucocorticoids, tamoxifen, environmental hepatotoxins (e.g. phosphorus, toxic mushroom)


    Inflammatory bowel disease, HIV, Hepatitis C especially genotype 3.

    Source(s): wiki pedia.
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    Fatty liver disease affects a whopping 30% of the population. That's 30 out of every 100 people! And some estimates have it at 33%.

    And if you're overweight, it's even worse overweight people are extremely more likely than healthy weight individuals to develop this condition.

    In other words, you're not alone. Not by a long shot.

    Other fatty liver sufferers have reversed their condition, lost weight, and rediscovered their energy, using completely natural remedies. And that means you can, too!

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    BCPs are safe and formulated not to cause anyone bodily harm. Your fatty liver must have been caused by something else. See a doctor.

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