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WHY Do Virgo Chicks Look Better Than CapricornChics?




awd: NOT All Earth Signs Only Virgos, Taraus are the worse

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    I loves Virgos so I'm inclined to think the same. but Heather Grahamn is very Capricornish and she's just gorgeous they are both earth signs so I think beauty wise it's equal. Earth signs are stunning.

    I'm a leo.

    **YEAh I know, but shes close to being a Capricorn and displays alot of the qualities.

    Kate moss is a capricorn and she's hot.

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    Although I have met some drop dead gorgeous capricorn women, consistently virgo women have this natural beauty about them. They have distinct, full and clean facial features. They have a very earthy look about them. I read somewhere that they rule bone structure.

    But as I said, I've met some amazingly stunning capricorns.

    I'm a pisces.

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    It is not just your sun sign that makes you attractive it is also your moon sign that has underlying benefits to your looks, from that inner radiance point of view.

    I am a Sun-Pisces Moon-VIrgo.

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    I do agree that some virgos are pretty good looking but i still think your a douche bag for insulting tauruses like that.

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    I never noticed any difference between Chickens, I don't think zodiac signs apply to them.

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    In the scheme of life it doesn't really matter because none of those girls will go out with you anyway.

    Just sayin'.

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    Whatever, they're both prone to weight issues around the belly!

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