What are the parts of the cd rom drive? and what are their functions?

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pls. i need a serious answer.
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The Parts and the functions of the CD-ROM DRIVE are as follows:
1. Drawer - for loading the media.
2. Metal Case - covering the CD-ROM from dust and for packaging.
3. Clipsed Compounds - For connecting the internal devices
4. Sinple Jack - connects electric devices together within the CD-ROM
5. Belt - Controls the drawer in & out of the CD-ROM
6. Focus lense - reads the input media
7. Electric motor - controls the drawer
8. Connection cables
9. Electric Circuit - Supplies current to other electrical parts.


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  • KarL answered 5 years ago
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  • Hannah Faith Mojica answered 5 years ago
    DISK DRAWER – accepts th cd on its tray

    Headphone jack- it accepts stereo headphone set

    Busy indicator – indicator that lights or flashes if:

    a. steady lit – the system is busy reading
    b. flash – the disk drawer is in motion

    volume control – it controls the volume level of sound output from the headphone.

    Emergency eject button- is used to open the objects manually by using sharp objects.

    Eject button- opens and closes the disk drawer by pressing it.
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