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Courses for Environmental Engineering?

What courses would one be required to take if majoring in environmental engineering?

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    For environmental engineering, you would first need to take the primary fluid courses, like fluid mechanics and hydraulics.

    That would be followed by water resources, clean water treatment then waste water treatment. For that, chemistry is also involved.

    These are the courses I remember taking while earning my Civil Engineering degree. I hope this helps.

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    Environmental science and engineering is becoming an interesting career option because of the increase in consciousness about the environment. Environmental scientists and engineers are now playing the important role of the guardians of the environment. Coupled with tremendous economic development, India has also witnessed a high degree of environmental pollution. The onus now lies on the environmental engineers and scientists to make India tread the path of sustainable development. Candidates willing to build a career in this field may opt for a formal training program or course. There are quite a number of institutes that offer environmental science & engineering career courses in India.

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