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~ 我知道你很忙,但是不至於都沒有空閒時間吧!?因為我始終等不到你的電話跟簡訊,你現在這樣我是不是也可以說〝你變的跟之前不一樣了〞,或許你有自己的想法吧!!!沒關係!我也不想去期待了,因為你就是這麼灑脫。希望你生活、事業都很美好.... ~


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    I know that you are very busy. But I don't believe that you are so busy that you don't have a minute to call or text me. Because of your recent behavior, I think it's fair for me to conclude that you've changed and you are no longer the same. Perhaps, you are preoccupied with other newer priorities.

    I am no longer interested in waiting and hoping to hear from you because I know that you are a free spirit who likes to come and go as you please. I sincerely wish you the best in your career and life.

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