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    My name is XXX, is born in Year 80 of the Republic of China, 18 years old .I grow in a banality, and happy of small family, my personality is optimistic and bright, and has good observation ability, so all has certain standard to the things.

    The family has six members , Father is a hardworking decorate a worker, the mother is an employable housewife,the first little sister and the third little sister will rise the senior high school and the junior high school,the second little sister will rise a junior high school grade two. Be eldest daughter of I , have certain standard to my result,and the parents' expectation to me is very high,Remind at any time that oneself wants to make great effort upward.

    The parents strictly took care of to teach to me since the childhood, certainly take care of me and give me encouragements, make me courageous to face the dilemmas,be not afraid of to fall among frustrate,Letting me can without annoyed to future everything.

    In addition, parents also teach me how to treat the person's truth,being a practical person,do it slowly according to the step,too anxious to get effect,Don't tie down by a small place and get oneself into a dead end.

    They guidance hardworking for me,make me be able to hold with dignity with self-respect ,every moment remind that oneself wants double effort,become the younger sisters model, become the parents' pride,There is good result in the future life.

    My learning process is very smooth,from elementary school to junior high school, the academic record isn't top or comes out in front,But always request oneself, make an effort to prepare to exam every time and learn all curriculums with concentration and hard.

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