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    The extracurricular activities from my school have made a lot of joyful memories. For instance, we had carnivals in each semester, which we donated the earnings to our schoolmates from the poor families; and also every class designed and made its own class uniform. These activities were not only interesting, but also helped us to lean the importance of teamwork.

    I am so grateful getting to know many good friends in school and being taught by a lot of wonderful teachers. Therefore, upon advancing to college, as I continue learning new stuff, I will certainly take the experiences and spirits that I have learned and shared during this period of time with me in the future. I have a strong belief in myself that I will be able to face and overcome the obstacles or even possible failures coming toward me with a very positive mindset.

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    The activities of the school I'm impressed and very like each semester earned the garden club, the school will be donated to help needy families of those students, as well as hymns annual competition, all classes in the design and production of all classes on the clothing, so I find it very interesting that in all these activities so that we learn the importance of unity.

    I am glad to learn so many good friends, to teach such a good teacher, and later went to college I would always learned at school to continue with an open mind and the spirit of things to learn in, and I believe regardless of any difficulties encountered and setbacks, I can positively to resolve and face!

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    The school activity lets my impression be profound, also likes, each semester's garden tours the money which the office gains, the school can contribute helps these family circumstances poor student, but also has the annual hymn competition, each class and grade must design and manufacture in the class the clothing, lets me think is interesting, can let us in these activities study the unity important. I very happy may know these many good friends, taught for such good teacher, but after going to college, I will also grasp the thing which and the spirit will learn in the school continue to study modestly, I believed no matter later will encounter any difficulty and the setback, I may also positive solve and face!

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