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what are some good love quotes from songs?

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    I made my first love at thirteen

    She was brown and I was pretty green (The Animals)

    I'd rather go blind

    than to see you walk away from me.(Etta James)

    Some things just stick in your mind (The Rolling Stones)

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    Not positive on the songs itself but there are the artists.

    "But I would give my final breath

    To make you understand how beautiful you are."

    ~Secondhand serenade

    "I can wait forever"

    ~Simple Plan

    "Take a look at me so you can see

    How beautiful you are."

    ~Secondhand Serenade

    "I'm not the only one for you

    but you're the only one for me."

    ~Secondhand Serenade

    A few that might not be from songs idk

    When i turned around and yew weren't there, i thought that yew were lost. Then i realized yew were never there

    The truth is, we only break our hearts to see what they really mean to us

    "When you are in Love you can't fall asleep "

    The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else.

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    "late at night when all the world is sleeping , i stay up and think of you, and i wish on a star, that somewhere you are thinking, of me too. cuz im dreaming of youu tonight, till tomorrow, ill be holding you tight, and there is nowhere in the world i d rather be than here in my room, dreaming about u and me" by selena, dreaming of you

    "rebirthing you!i wanna live for love and i wanna live for you can me"skillet

    "comatose, ill ever wake up without an overdose, of you!i dnt wanna live and i dont wanna breath, unless i fell you next to me, you take the pain i feel, waking up to you never felt so real, i dnt dont want to sleep and i want to dream, cuz my dreams dnt comfort me, the way you make me feel, waking up to you never felt so real!"comatose by skillet

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    If you love me for beauty of my personality,

    then i'll stay here forever, dont you see?

    If you love me with a hunger, with a hope and with a dream,

    then i'll stay here underneath this maple tree

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    I'm in trouble ,I'm an addict, I'm addicted to this girl

    She's got my heart tied in a knot

    And my stomach in a whirl

    But even worse, I can't stop calling her

    She's all I want and more, I mean damn

    What's not to adore?

    nevershoutnever! :)

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    Anything by NeverShoutNever

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    while i drown myself in you tonight

    a song called abandon ship by gallows

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    "...because you live, girl, my world has twice as many stars in the sky"

    "take your sweet sweet time cuz I will be here when you change your mind"

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    and you can tell everybody that this is your song,

    i hope you dont mind, i hope you dont mind,

    that my gift is this song

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    i cant live with ought you

    i see my self with you

    your like the day as it passes

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