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Predictions for NFC west standings?

I think they'll be stronger than the past few seasons.

Seahawks (12-4)

Cardinals (9-7)

49'ers (6-10)

Rans (5-11)

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    Over the years the NFC West Division has gotten to be more competitive. All teams in this division have star power players on their rosters. If healthy, look to see that the NFC West to surprise.

    1. Seattle Seahawks (10-6)

    This will be the best all around team in the NFC West.They are the team to beat after having an injured cast most of last season. The Seahawks still have a good QB and a quality defense with now one of the best 4-3 Linebacking Corps. Although OLB Aaron Curry is unproven in the NFL look for him to be Defensive Rookie of the Year. With a 10-6 record they will improve by 6 games.

    2. Arizona Cardinals (9-7)

    This will be the best offensive team in the NFC West. The NFC Division is now competitive with last seasons NFC Champions Arizona Cardinals. This is a good team with a high powered offense but how much longer is Kurt Warner going to last? The positive upside to this team is its two young and talented WRs. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are the best WR Duo's and are the cornerstone of this franchise. I don't see much of a team without the two unless the Cardinals can add more on defense.

    3. San Francisco 49ers (9-7)

    This will be the best defensive team in the NFC West. The 49ers ranked 13th in total defense in the league last year led by none other than MLB Patrick Willis. With new defensive minded head coach, Mike Singletary, look for this defense to improve.

    4. St. Louis Rams (2-14)

    They gave away their best players this offseason in LT Orlando Pace, WR Torry Holt, and MLB Pisa Tinoisamoa. This is a rebuilding team, plain and simple.

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    Seahawks 9-7 O-line is the only problem I see..

    Cardinals 8-8 Offense can't always win games

    49ers 6-10 still trying to figure out who's QB

    Rams 5-11 rebuilding...

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    Niners 10-6 An entire season of Hill and Singletary

    Seahawks 7-9 Improved but needing depth

    Cardinals 7-9 The same big holes in the secondary and OL

    Rams 1-15 What a mess, the 1 might be optimistic.

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    The Cardinals will easily win the division and be in the fight for the top seed at 12-4.

    The Seahawks will do well for what they have talent-wise and with a new coach in the 2nd place, missing the playoffs at 9-7.

    San Fran makes improvements, but struggles to get to 7-9.

    The Rams are fried at 2-14, losing to Detroit.

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  • Seahawks 10-6

    Cardinals 10-6

    49ers 9-7

    Rams 5-11

  • you guys are a bunch of morons, Niners and Seahawks?? and the Seahawks finishing 12-4????? WTF? where the hell were they last year. Cardinals will win this division again, the best offense in the NFL, to go along with an improving defense, could easily go 12-4 or 11-5. followed by the Niners at 9-7 and Seahawks 7-9. Rams 5-11

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    Cardinals (10-6)

    49ers (8-8)

    Seahawks (8-8)

    Rams (3-13)

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    cardinals 10-6 (people have GOT to start giving them respect)

    Seahawks 8-8 (they will be a great team again. someday. w/ a new qb

    49ers 6-10 (not great, not terrible. just bad)

    Rams 3-13

    the cardinals are much better than everyone has given them credit. i thought after the nfc championship people would respect them.. apparently not.

    the seahawks have everything in place for a stable team. they dont have a gamebreaking factor. every team needs one. there is the steelers crushing defense, the colts unbeatable passing game, the vikings touchdown threat on every run, the giants offense and defensive line. the seahawks don't have one

    the 49ers can never be great without a few superstars, if crabtree succeeds, the team succeeds, not now, but in the future.

    ugh, the rams need another free agent qb to come in and take them to a superbowl.

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    Cards will run away with this division. 49'ers will compete for a wild card. Rams and Seahawks are looking at high draft picks in the first round next year.

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    Seahwaks 11-5

    cardinals 8-8

    49ers 6-10

    rams 4-12

    i agree. the seahawks will win the division this year with a healthy matt hasselbeck and the addition of T.J. who's your mama! lol. not even gonna try and spell his last name.

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