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What is it like to live in Sacramento CA?

I am from Idaho/Utah thinking of moving to California , how much different is it. I have no real profession or degree, will I be able to find a job?

I am 27, will there be people my age? And I like to do Outdoor type things, are there places to do that?

would I be able to continue my education also?

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    I have lived in this area all my life. My daughter is your age. She will be 27 this year. There are people your age to become friends with.

    There are plenty of outdoor things to do. We have the American River bike trail that meanders along the river for bike riding, plus the canyon areas in American River Canyon or Auburn for mountain biking. Hike along the rivers or the lake. Camp at Folsom Lake or nearby at Camp Far West. Fishing is great too. Join a running club at Fleet Feet.

    Education... My daughter's best girlfriend currently lives in Idaho and is from here. There are many colleges to pick from, public, private, religious and state university.

    You want to learn, you can do that here.

    Jobs are hard to find everywhere right now, but someone who is willing to work hard will not have a problem finding and keeping a job. Wages are reasonable and the cost of living is fair.

    Source(s): I love it here. You will too. This is a nice place to live. I am a lifelong resident of the Sacramento area, 6th generation Californian.
  • I love Sacramento, I've lived here for about 8 years. Great weather at the moment.. 70 degrees. It gets very hot in the summer and fairly cold in the winter. People are getting laid off right now, job wise and a major budget cut. Near the American river are some good trails but I wouldn't suggest swimming in it. Strong currents=drownings. Some parts are very ghetto. Like Oak Park.. not a good place to live. There's great places in Old Sac such as, Sutter's Fort, the Railroad Museum, Capitol Building and the Governor's Mansion. Also Tower corner and the IMAX theater.

    You can see learn more at:

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    I have lived in Sacramento for over 15 years and would have to say it is one of the best, and most affordable, major cities to live in within California.

    First, Sacramento is less than two hours from just about anything you want to do. Within that time I can be wine tasting in Napa, Gambling in Reno, Skiing in Tahoe, or watching the sunset over the ocean.

    Sacramento also affords opportunites in the job market with many available jobs and a rare cross section demographic for anyone looking to start a small business.

    In addition, Sacramento is a flagship for many different programs including Sacramento Medical benefits which offers insurance free medical benefits with full primary care for $75 a month or only $130 a month for a family of five.

    Restaurants in Sacramento are many and you can choose any type of dining you could want and find a ton of different resources in Sacramento.

    For entertainment, Sacramento has the Sacramento Zoo, tons of museums, Old Sacramento, The Convention Center, Arco Arena, Lake Folsom, Water Parks, Miniature Golf Courses, Theaters, and countless groups consisting of everything from gold prospectors to Entrepreneurial business groups.

    Per capita, Sacramento also has more Chambers of Commerce than nearly any other city in the State.

    Finally, at least to not make this any longer than it has to, As the capital city of the largest economy in the US, which is the largest economy in the world, Getting a degree from Sac State can follow you anywhere else in the world. Those of us who live here, know Sacramento is not the largest of the cities in California, however it's influence has global effects.

    Anyway, hopefully you see the benefits of Sacramento, I'll toss a bunch of links into the source that may be of interest for you.

    Hope this helps.

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    U posted a question a week ago asking the same question but the destination was Sweden. Where R u moving to REALLY??

    Oh, and by the way.. Sacramento sucks. Nightlife, (clubs/bars), R not that great, rent or owning a house R considerably low, but the wages / salaries R low as well, and its scorching hot during the summertime.

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    its calming its home to me and alot to entertain your mind

    the park its name of a club

    folsom outlet

    u can drive 30-40 min to vacaville outlet

    arden mall


    old sac



    events at time in calexpo and arco areno like sports etc fair

    theres la casa a mexican rest4erant doeskaraokee

    theres consumes college and sac city and sacramento state

    out doors u can drive to lake thoe

    folsom lake

    drive to the snow

    etc etc etc

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    yea theres tons of places to go to outdoors

    but on the bad side traffic

    theres alot of features like tall buildings

    a famous govenor

    and the state fair coming around in two months

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    I live in Sac-Town, and yes, there are lots of beautiful places to explore in and around it.

    I recomend Wikipedia, as they have tons more information.

    I love it here!

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    there is such a depression in california, i would not move now unless you have 1 years expenses saved, jobs are waaaay scarce

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    serously... its pretty expensive to live in california.... especially southern california.

    also, they are cutting a lot of jobs, enforcing furlough, and really trying to make this budget thing work....

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