Pleaseeee pleaseeee Help Me!?

Okay so i need to calculate my grade!

For each quarter its wroth 40% of my grade. There are 2 quarters and then the Final is 20%

the first quarter I got an 89%

the Second i got a 91%

then on the final i got a 74% <--- ya i did really bad!

I am scared i ended up with a C in the class! if i do i am forced to take Summer school!

Please help me find out what grade i would end up in the class!

thanks a bunchh!



Oh this is for english haha. andd if i get a B i will have a 3.8. so i am not that mad. But if it were a C i wouldve like went loco haha

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    you have an 86.8% in that class, and if you're lucky and you have a really nice teacher and a crazy curve, maybe you'll get a B+! Good luck! (btw, if the year is divided into 2 sections, they are called semesters, not quarters :-)

    Source(s): my calculator I did (.40*89) + (.40*91) + (.20*74) trust me, I use the same formula for my own grades at the end of each year to determine how much I should study depending on how low/high I can score on the final and still get the same grade in the class
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    Ok if you ever get stuck with it again alls you have to do is.....

    1. get your over all grade for the first quarter which is 89% then multiply by 40% or .40.....that equals 35.6

    2. get the over all grade for the second quarter which is 91% then do the same thing that you did the first time (91 times .40) that equals 36.4

    3. get the the grade from your final which was an 74% times that by 20% or .20 and that would be 14.8

    4. after you get all of those then you would have to add all of answers together and you would get 86.8

    Your grade will probably get rounded up soo you got an 87% in that class a B+ i might be slightly off because the percent arent always what the teacher says they are it might have been and 88.9 and a 91.2 and a 74.1 and that make it change just a little bit but other then that you did not pass that class with a C You pass it with a B+

    dont worry about you final grade all that much becaue as long as you did good in the other quarters that is 80% of you grade and that over powers 20% majorly

    if you forget this here is a really good website that might help you

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    If I did it right you'll get about an 84% for the class so a solid B

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    so i didnt do the math, but im sure you end up with a B. solid B. no way a C just because you got a C on your final.

    I've got a, b, and c on exam, and its b for final grade.

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    87 not 84


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    youll get an 84 ! Is that a B or no ?

    Source(s): i took 89+91+74=254/3=84.6
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    Your average is about 87%. Relax...

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    wow a C is like an A to me

    C is good dont forget!

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    What did you get for Mathematics?

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