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Microsoft Word Into Access 2007?

does anyone know how I can "paste" a "Law-document"

from Word 2007 into database Access 2007?

Thanks for clear plain simple answer.

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    Since Access is a database, you need to find a way to split your document into "records" or "rows". How would Access know how to accomplish this?

    Normally, you can copy/paste from Word to Excel, and Excel will create a cell for each paragraph.

    If this works well, you can then copy/paste from Excel to Access.

    Once again, the challenge is finding out how you want to split your document into different rows. If YOU don't know how to accomplish it, neither will Access...

    Good luck!

  • 4 years ago

    What you could desire to do is create yet another get right of entry to merchandise called a "record". you ought to use the record Wizard to try this. in basic terms determine you tie it in to the type you're applying and the record it somewhat is being displayed. Please investigate the hyperlink I provide below. wish that enables. stable success! :)

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