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How can I lose inches off my waist?!?

PLEASE help! I want to lose inches off my waist, but nowhere else! Just waist inches! How can I do that? And dont just guess, something that has really worked for you! ANY ADVERTISEMENTS WILL BE REPORTED.

ps..... my measurements are 36" 32" 37"

so u can see my dilemma!!!

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    waist and thighs is a really tough area to lose weight, regardless of if you exercise because i use to do sports year round. it REALLY depends on the amounts of fats/calories you take in, and if you drink pop and eat a bunch of sugar there is your problem. Pop creates more space (air) in the stomach/intestines causing you to permanently bloat UNTIL you don't lay off of it for a while. believe me, you will notice a great difference. ice cream is also the devil lol

    really, the answer is just count calories and make smart food choices. i know it might sound extreme, but if youre really that desperate just go on nothing but fresh fruit diets, grilled chicken, salad, wheat bread, and water. everyone blabs about 'starving yourself' but that isnt, and think about people with broken jaws...they cant have solids.

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    Losing a couple pounds will slim down your waist size. While some experts have complained about Americans' eating habits, the major problem with weight is inactivity. Exercise or take up a sport. Don't stop eating. Most people who stop eating totally gain more weight because the body expects to be starved and stores more fat for the long run. Don't eat that much sugar. Carbohydrates are the main cause for fat being stored, but it's energy so just exercise like I said.

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    Do tiring exercises like jogging every day, or bike riding.

    Also, if you just want to tighten your waist and maybe lose 2"'s. Try doing exercises like planks and crunches for 5-10 minutes everyday.

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    i have the same prob.... Im doing a photoshoot next week and wanna lose 2 inches,,,, I heard about a body wrap where you can lose up to 4 inches on your waist and its only 50.00 bucks....

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    well my mom has this wrap thing that you wrap around your waist and it makes you sweat to lose weight in that area. Also just do a bunch of crunches. Hope it helps!!

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    It's called liposuction. There's no such thing as spot reduction.

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    crunches, and running, eat healthy

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    colon clense

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    Well ... first ... do you own a chainsaw ? ... if yes .. my answer is pretty clear from here on ..

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