Why is god against science?

or at least the catholic church?

There is a repeated repeted history since the book of genesis with God prohibiting the knowlege of good and evil from humanity. alchemists, the first types of chemists (chemists mixed with magic, woooo... magic tricks) were persecuted and killed by the catolic church. The church was also outraged by Newton's work, I'm like "WTF man?!"

so I'll give 11 points to the first person that answers why this happens other than "God works in misterious ways" or "the bible says -insert bible reference here-" give me a logical explonation on why God would want to stop humanity's progress.

(also, please don't bother me with "that's spelled wrong, I don't care)

ALL answers get a thumbs up from me : )


(electricity and AL technology came from science, so would you give that up so that you could live as the catolic god comands from the begining of time?)

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    He is not against science or anything else. He is only against that which is against Him. People that purport to work for Him and want to monopolize control over people will oppose anyone and anything that they feel is a threat to their controlling others. Science and belief in Him can work hand in hand, but when religious leaders or scientists try to control the masses one way or the other, then there will be opposition.

    And I make plenty of mistakes at spelling, so that never bothers me.

  • Rick G
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    I thought I would have to come over there and whack you on the back of the head when I saw "Why is god against science?".

    But then when I clicked in, I saw the added "or at least the catholic church?"

    You are safe now.

    As with all mind controlling world powers, the catholic church decided it would be the final authority on everything, not just science. It blocked the translating of the Bible in the common languages so that they were the only source of "spiritual" information. Anyone that suggested that their view of the universe was a "heretic" and subject to death.

    This applied to all fields, religious, science, any form of knowledge, even politics, since the church had the power to anoint or remove kings and start wars.

    (It was the first major "cult". Look up the Definition of such and you will find it fits to a tee)

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    I had no idea that god was against science (did he tell you this)?

    What does "good" and "evil" have to do with science? Are you saying that science is evil? Are you saying that god said science is evil? How in the world did you come to that conclusion? Certainly not through any sort of logic or the scientific method. Strike 2.

    You consider 'alchemy' science? Strike 3.

    Newton was a christian. As was Galileo and Gregor Mendel (who was a monk). So obviously the church does not necessarily reflect the view of it's constituents OR of god. Strike 4.

    Why are you against proper spelling? Is it because you don't want the knowledge given by the fruit?

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    God is not against science. Science would not be possible without God. It's all part of the same infinite thing.

    The Catholic Church is against science, and anything else that allows people to think for themselves for find their own path to God outside of their guidance. People need to remember that the Catholic Church is NOT God, nor are they the word of God. They are mostly just a business organization.

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  • angel
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    Well, I do not believe God is against science. Many of the great universities were started by Christians for the purpose of studying science as well as other subjects. Christians are against phoney science that tries to say something is fact when it has not been tested in rightly fashion by others in the scientific world.

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    Why would God be against something He intended on using? Science is useful. The thing is people who uphold science to be ultimate proover try to debunk Gods existence with the same science He created. It's like a smack in the face.

    Timothy 6:20 O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

  • Anonymous
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    I'm going to be very blunt.

    Any religious person that says science is evil and false while simultaneously typing on Yahoo Answers is a moron.

    I'd also hope that they would stop using phones, cell phones, running water, medicine, electricity, AC, heat, and any other by product of science and technology.

  • Anonymous
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    "god" isn't against science. "god" doesn't exist.

    It's the people who delusionally *believe* in gods that don't exist that are against science.

    By the way, for the guy that quoted 1 Timothy: I get such a kick out of bible "translations" that use words that weren't coined until thousands of years after 1 Timothy was written. That's just hilarious. Come on now, you don't *really* think old Paul wrote "science," do you, since that word (or even what it means) hadn't been conceived of when he was supposedly alive? Really??!!


  • Frizby
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    There's no passage that actually says God is against mans knowledge to my knowledge that is..

    its man himself that has put it on himself to decide what is against God on a knowledge level..

    What i think the religions of old were against was what they perceived to be magic, magic was regarded as evil doings..

    In modern times we've realised that ancient man had the foresight to see that certain aspects of science can actually be immoral..

    Like animal testing and cloning animals with human DNA and so on..

  • Moops
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    God is not against science, and Islam encourages knowledge and exploring the unknown. Hence much Islamic influence in earlier scientific/mathematical discoveries.

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