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Where is the best place to get free souvenirs in the Tour de France?

I'm going to the Tour de France this summer and I don't know what part of the stage you can get good souvenirs from. Can you get them from the beginning, the end, or at any point of the stage? I don't mind paying for souvenirs but of course, I always prefer the free stuff. I'm going to the town of Le Grand-Bornand if that helps. Please tell me any info that you know. Thanks.

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    The beginning is the best place. The sponsors are all there throwing things to the fans. The end is good, too, but it's a bit more crowded. You could also wait after the feed-zone and hope for a tossed musette bag or a bottle.

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    Stand along the route and hope for a tossed water bottle to scavenge. Are there any free souvenirs any more?

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    The caravan is the commercial parade that distributes freebies. It precedes the TdF by about 1hr 30. gives the arrival times of the caravan and race at each junction.


    Source(s): Local knowledge !
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