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Megan asked in Science & MathematicsWeather · 1 decade ago

severe weather predicted, but its clear skies here and nothing on radar?

I live in the area that is predicted to have severe thunderstorms today, but I've been checking the radar and there is nothing on it, except east of us (I live in west tn). How can they be predicting severe weather if that is the case?

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    Your area has a chance for thunderstorms, but it is not 100% certain you will see a thunderstorm. In almost all cases, meteorologists will never say there is 100% chance of thunderstorms because thunderstorms are very isolated, occurring over a smaller area than a general rainstorm. Secondly, thunderstorms just pop up, without much warning or prediction. Thus, it would hard to accurately pinpoint and predict a specific location's exact chance for a thunderstorm, because of a thunderstorm's sudden development.

    Your area probably has an isolated chance of seeing a thunderstorm, which is about 30-60%. It seems you have favorable weather of seeing a t-storm(warm temperature, moisture from the gulf of mexico and daytime heating) but thunderstorms just pop up suddenly and are hit or miss.

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    1 decade ago

    The atmospheric conditions are right for storms.

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