what is the date of entitlement?when it comes to SSD.i called ss and got 3 different answers.?

i read that it is 2 years plus a 5 month waiting period. OK from when. my dad was declared disabled may 1 2007. i filed our claim jan 10 2009. he was back paid (because he was not of age) 1 year from the date of filing (NY state) so that date is jan 10 2008. i was told jan 2011, jan 2010 and oct 2009 from ss office. WOW if they dont know, who does. thanks!


yes i was sent the notice of award. nowhere on it does it give the the date that medicare benifits begin.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Dealing verbally with SSA can be a problem, as you have learned the hard way. SSA should send to you a letter which answers your questions. The letter is called a "Notice of Award".

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