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i want to potty train my bunny to go bathroom in the liter box?

i have two bunnies that love and i am really looking forward to potty training them please tell everything i need to know like do i have to put cat liter in there or can in just be dirt and can i use a cat liter box or is that too hard for them to get in and out of and do i need to have designanted times when they eat or cna i put food out there all day??? please tell me everthing you know! THANKS!


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    It's hard with a rabbit that has free run so I reccomend getting a puppy pen to keep your bunny in while you are litter training.

    The way I trained mine was to put them in the pen with just the litter box.

    Put a little bit of poop in the box and even soak up some wee to put in there if you can.

    Bunnies are naturall clean animals and will usually go to the toilet in roughly the same spot.

    Seeing as how there is already poop in the litter pan they will most likely go there... having ONLY the litter box in the pen will help as well.

    At night I leave the litter box in but add their sleeping box full of hay.

    This ONLY goes in when the lights are off so they know it is for sleeping.

    You will only need to do this for a week or so until they catch on that the tray is for pooping and the box is for sleeping.

    I reccomend you use a clumping litter... it loooks like very fine pebbles.

    The compressed paper variety looks too much like pellets and is tempting to eat and crystals are a no-no.

    The clumping one is the least likely to resemble food so they will associate it with toilet.

    ADD - Haha, I didn't even notice it was in dogs... I always just click on "pets"

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    Well first off if you don't want to let your bunnies just have free rome throughout the house, cause they are bad about chewing on wires and stuff like that. So if you do safe guard your house. But rabbits will naturally go to one section and use the bathroom. Wood chips are probrably best to use cause they enjoy them and they cover the smell. So find a place that they seem to be more prone about using the bathroom and place a box there and they will do the rest....

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    wrong listing but here it goes

    most bunnies will basically train them self

    use a litter box made for ferrets

    clean it as often as you can

    start with them in the cage and a litter box filled with recycled newspaper, then add a bit of bunnie poo

    they should get the idea quick

    then put a litter box in each room they will be in

    in general i would not let them loose all the time as they often can get hurt or cause damage

    we saw one last week that chewed wires...he did not make it

    rabbits should never be without food they graze

    lots of luck

    Source(s): vet tech
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    I have a bunny. I potty trained him very easily overnight.

    I just put some hay in a cat litter box (one of the simple ones not the ones in like a box) in the place where he usually poops and pees in his hutch, then he just got it. He always poopies and pees in it now, although soemtimes sticks his butt over the edge when he pees, so i put newspaper under and around the potty. And if I don't get his potty out, he doesn't poo or pee around the house anyway, and goes to the door when he needs to pee.

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    my bunny might do a similar factor, she might flow the clutter container as though to declare, why is this in my pooping area!? initiate the clutter container education someplace outdoors the cage, yet in a constrained section. to start, use hay or rabbit food as clutter container clutter by way of fact rabbits often poop whilst they consume. you may progressively swap out the hay with aspen shavings. have a clutter container consultation primary for form of 30 minutes. and whenever you spot your rabbit pee or poop interior the clutter container, congratulate her. place some poop interior the clutter container, so she is conscious thats the place it belongs. if she doesnt poop interior the clutter container, do no longer punish her, yet dont reward her. place the clutter container close to the cage during the potty education so she gets used to it. how long the potty education takes relatively relies upon on the rabbit. some rabbits learn swifter than others, and a few dont learn in any respect. be pateint by way of fact this would take a whilst. in case you yell or hit your bunny, all your artwork would be down the drain. be responsive to that clutter container education isn't constantly one hundred% effective

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    Have a look around pet shops and the internet. You can buy rabbit litter trays that comes with special litter that attracts the rabbits to it so they can do their business there.

    Source(s): I had a rabbit
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    this spells for disaster.... i PROMISE you that you dont want your bunny just roaming around the house...they arent dogs, you can teach them to not chew anything....its in their nature to chew chew chew... so this will automatically counteract your question...because if you dont want them chewing up things your gonna want to cage them up. which will answer your potty training question because they will automatically poop/pee in the cage..but PLEASE DONT let them just go free in the house...that is a very bad idea

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    Sweetums, you are in dogs. I don't do bunnies but maybe somebody on here does. I suggest you move your question to the bunny people.

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    Sorry but this is the dog category. Not gonna get much help here.

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