NFL free agency "Why not picked up yet?"?

"Stars are who should be picked up; and law means, troubles with the law."


Mike Brown***

Lawyer Milloy*


Fakhir Brown

Adam Jones* "Law"

Ty Law*

Michael Lehan

Sam Madison

Chris McAlister*****

Patrick Surtain


Derrick Brooks*****

Morlon Greenwood*

Willie McGinest**

Marcus Washington**

D line

La'Roi Glover

Anthony Montgomery*

Paul Spicer

Gabe Watson

Brian Young

O line

Mark Tauscher*

Jason Fabini

Mike Goff

Jonas Jennings

Jeremy Newberry

Tom Nalen*

Kendall Simmons*

Pete Kendell

Chris Naeole


Leonard Pope*

Marcus Pollard


Plaxico Burress**** "I know, the law"

Marvin Harrison****

Drew Bennett

Marty Booker*

Drew Carter

Mike Furrey

Matt Jones* "I know law probs"

Joe Jurevicious

Brandon Lloyd "injuries"

Tab Perry

Jerry Porter

Koren Robinson

Ahmani Toomer**

Reggie Williams

Ike Hilliard


Reuben Droughns* "underrated"

Rudi Johnson*

Edgerrian James**

Deuce McAllister*

Warrick Dunn*

Ahman Green

Tatum Bell

Shaun Alexander "slower, but still good"*


Trent Green

Rex Grossman

J.P. Losman

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    I agree with you that these players should be signed. The best reason that I could think of, is that most of these players are getting old or they already are. These are the players you listed and the reasons they aren't signed yet.

    TRENT GREEN Suffered concussion few years back, hasn't been same since

    REX GROSSMAN Was signed today (6/11/09) but was signed sooner because he gets sacked a TON.

    J.P. LOSMAN There are a lot of better QB's a team could pick up

    REUBEN DROUGHNS Same as Losman, but Droughns is still pretty good

    RUDI JOHNSON Knee injury made him slow

    EDGERRIN JAMES No reason he wasnt signed yet, very good player

    DEUCE MCALLISTER Steroids, cant trust him anymore

    WARRICK DUNN Getting older, but fast still

    AHMAN GREEN Went to a bad team and is now forgotten

    TATUM BELL Was a one year wonder

    SHAUN ALEXANDER Knee injury made him slow and weak

    PLAXICO BURRESS Shot himself in the leg- A- its agaisnt the law to posses a gun with out a permit, B- shot wound will affect speed

    MARVIN HARRISON Will be signed very shortly, but dumb move by Colts(I think hes innocent of charges)

    DREW BENNETT not a really good wideout, he has his moments and teams need a more promising player

    MARTY BOOKER Just old


    MIKE FURRY had a below expected season last year

    MATT JONES he does pot

    JOE JUREVICIOUS He is retired, I think BUT... he is coming off injury

    BRANDON LLOYD YES, INJURIES, but... he also cant be relied on

    TAB PERRY only good for kick returns, not even really good at that

    JERRY PORTER had potential, but it was lost when had few bad years

    AHMANI TOOMER getting old

    REGGIE WILLIAMS great player, but there are so many other players like him

    IKE HILLIARD Starting to lose his game

    LEONARD POPE only good

    MARCUS POLLARD very old

    The rest of your listed players are mostly not being signed because of the law or age.

    Source(s): I hope I helped you out!
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