Removing skunk living outside of my house?

I'm in serious need of some advice on how to get rid of a skunk living at my house. Here are the facts:

1) I live in a house in dense suburbs.

2) There have been three spotting's of the skunk in the past week.

3) I have only spotted him after 11:00pm.

4) I own an outdoor cat (who has been skunked).

5) I have been led to believe that he is living underneath the house during the day.

6) I can't shoot him with my shotgun or .22 because of fact #1.

7) I can't poison him because of facts #4 and #5.

8) I have a cage trap, but I worry about trapping him because I don't have a truck (he is NOT being transported in my Volvo).

9) I do not care about being humane - I want this sucker dead or alive.

10) I own a pellet gun, but it is old and not very accurate.

11) I worry about putting mothballs near the door to underneath my house because I may trap him under there (dead skunk under my house would be seriously upsetting to me and my roommates).

12) I would prefer not to call animal control - it's expensive.

Your suggestions are welcome, this skunk is seriously degrading my quality of life.

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  • SM
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    I have trapped several skunks for some friends who live in town and on my own place doing the following and it works very well. I take a live trap / cage insert it into a large black trash bag and then I wrap it in a tarp. I make sure the bag is rolled back and the tarp has a flap to fold out. I bait the trap with a can of tuna or sardines, I place it where I see them walk and where I find water for them. When the skunk trips the cage I walk up on it from the back so the skunk can't see me. I take a stick and roll the trash bag down the sides of the cage then the tarp over the rest from the top. From there its two or three bungee cords and the rig is secured around the cage.If they spray the bulk of it is contained in the trash bag; the couple of times its happened I just take another trash bag and close the whole thing up in it. I take my time load the cages into the back of a truck or onto a small trailer and its off to the woods I go. Due to the rabies epidemic here in Texas no skunks are returned alive to the woods. Sorry you PETA folks that's just life, neither my family, my pets, or myself is going to be exposed to rabies by a trapped skunk.

    Hope this helps you out.Good luck.

    Source(s): Was shown this by a pest control agent about 12 years ago.
  • dumdum
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    Your only option that would not raise a stink ( I made a joke here) is to call animal control. It costs nothing in my state, and is provided as a public service. I feel as if it is in your state also. It will only take a phone call to find out. You don't have much of an option. If you disturb the skunk in any way, the stink is going to fly.You cannot transport a stinking skunk. You can't live in a house for several days after the skunk has sprayed under the house.And if the skunk gets you good, you will practice your vomiting for the better part of an hour.How long has it been since you have had the dry heaves?.Your only chance is animal control.Let them deal with it.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Removing skunk living outside of my house?

    I'm in serious need of some advice on how to get rid of a skunk living at my house. Here are the facts:

    1) I live in a house in dense suburbs.

    2) There have been three spotting's of the skunk in the past week.

    3) I have only spotted him after 11:00pm.

    4) I own an outdoor cat...

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    This is VERY important- What state do you live in??

    When tryin to take care of an animal like that, keep your pets inside so you can do what ever you need to do till it's taken care of.

    Since you can't shoot any firearm within city limits, your best bet would be to set a trap- I suggest a trap with some cat food or what ever you've seen the skunk eating in it towards the back. Mix that with some rat poison.

    With the mothballs- wait till you see the skunk wandering around outside before you put them around the foundation of the house.

    Source(s): I've tried the mothball thing with snakes- and it doesn't work
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    Few Options.

    1 -

    Trap skunk in a smaller sized cant get tail up to spray you

    Fill Trash can full of water

    Place trap and skunk in water...let sumerge.

    Dispose of carcass


    Fill out necessary ATF Forms and then follow the 3 S's




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    The most simple solution is the moth balls. They wont trap or kill the skunk... they will just make the underside of your home inhospitable for the skunk so he will leave and wont return.

    I use moth balls to keep them out from under my barn. Works like a charm. I had two living under there and after chunking some moth balls around all of them left that night and never returned.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Set out cage,don't forget bait. Keep cat in house. Catch skunk. Shot him with pellet gun until dead. Wrap body in 2 - 3 plastic trash bags and throw out.

  • randy
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    1 decade ago

    easy, use your live trap and bait it with cat food or tuna. set it out at night.It's best to set it in a dirt or grass area not concrete or asphalt. place a large tub filled with water near it. The next morning, look out to see if it is in the trap and not a neighbors cat. if it is, take a large sheet of plastic and hold it in front of you as you slowly approach the cage (and I mean slowly) he may apray, so wear old sneakers or shoes you can just toss them if you step in it. Place the sheet over the entire cage, lift it by the top handle (thru the plastic) and drop it in a large tub of water deep enough and wide enough to cover the entire cage (make sure of this before you catch it, nothing worse than setting it in there and finding it not big enough to drown it.). Leave for 30 minutes.

    problem solved.

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    Nitro is a pussy fart. Your worse nightmare has it right.


    Lesson #1 Shut the **** up.

    Lesson #2 Read the question before opening your fat trap.

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    Bait the Cage and Cage him keep cat inside and call police or animal control...they should do it for free since its a wild animal..ask them. If not a 22 short might work..its quiet...or poison him and keep cat inside.

    Lesson#1 keep under house areas sealed tight.

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