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Is anyone aware that an American fascists killed a man at the Holocaust Memorial?

It happened in Washington DC


if not please check the American news.

For all those that thought this problem disappeared will you now acknowledge the reality of it ?

Update 2:

Hill Billy, i posted question about race mixing to debate racists and fascist two days and people accused me of starting a problem that had disappeared

Update 3:

Worst of all he was a WW 2 veteran

Update 4:

My friend and allied soldier, we have a holocaust memorial because so many Americans died killing Nazis and Jews have been here since the first American settlers came

Update 5:

Nazis are fascists it is an ideology

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    Oh, I'm very aware of it. I'm also aware that the oh so moral conservatives on this site are studiously ignoring this story in favor of concentrating on Letterman. They are incredibly transparent, and pathetic to boot. An entertainer making a bad joke is far higher on their radar today than the second right wing extremist in so many weeks taking the law into their own hands. The most I've seen is one nimrod asking a barely disguised "so what" question by asking why we even have a Holocaust Museum. Completely disgusted.

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    He was a white supremacist piece of garbage. Have you looked on the internet the stuff he has written?

    As for fascist, some of these groups don't fall so easily in any one category. Some of these groups attempt to find a balance between total control from a central group yet total freedom for everyone. Kind of like the fascism of 1984 from Orwell, but in practice it comes more to something along the lines of North Korea. Say and do the right things, you are rewarded. If you are a "traitor to the cause", you get the gulag or just relegated to the outside of society,

    However, keep in mind that there is more than one kind of fascism. Italian Fascism didn't have the antisemitism, in fact Italy up until Hitler turned on them had Jews in government. Franco was fascist, and he protected Jews from Hitler, refusing to send Spanish Jews to HItler's camps.

    Just because a group hates Jews doesn't make them fascists. France has a long history of antisemitism, but I wouldn't call them fascists, although I think de Gaulle had ambitions. Saudi Arabia is very anti-Jew, yet it is a theocratic monarchy. Iran, not fascist.

  • Liberals oppose Israel.

    The man is a random lunatic. Why do people think they can paint a picture of a group based on something like this? How old are you?

    Nazis were Fascist Socialists. Why is this relevant to "conservatives"?

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    Yes, I was aware of it. No, I didn't think the problem had disappeared. The only surprising thing about this case is that is was an old KKK guy about 90 years old instead of some skinhead neo-nazi punk!

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    anyone aware that a U.S soldier was murder by a terrorist on American soil just a couple of days ago,and the media barely covered it. An American murder by a self proclaimed muslim extremists on American soil. But lets talk about American fascist instead .you burger eating morons

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    make a journey to the loopy Horse Memorial and Museum in western South Dakota. it somewhat is barely some miles from MT Rushmore and dwarfs it in grandeur. it somewhat is a staggering paintings of paintings in creation it somewhat is being blasted out of the mountain making use of no taxpayer income any respect! Shhh ... do no longer tell anybody, yet human beings of all colorings, nationalities, religions, and creeds have worked on it or voluntarily funded its shape.

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    What about the black islamic terrorist who was recruited in our prison system then in a terrorist attack murdered an Army Recruiter? There are hundreds of these murderers being converted to Islam in our prisons and then they are set free to infiltrate our society yet the liberals and the media ignores them.

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    Only those of us who haven't been living in a cave for the last two days. Tragic stuff.

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    He was a Fascist? The Fascist party doesn't really have much of a following in the US. It's more of an Italian thing.

  • Who thought the problem disappeared?

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