Roman Catholic views of Martin Luther.?

Just curious to know from some Roman Catholics how they view the then German monk, Martin Luther, and his life...

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    Why only Roman Catholics? Why not all Catholics? Roman is just one rite among many within the Catholic Church.

    The church is made up of people. And people regularly go astray. Throughout the history of said Catholic Church God has raised reformers to bring the church back on track. Saint Augustine, Teresa of Avila, Francis of Assisi.

    I believe Martin Luther began as one of those reformers. A lot of his original points were quite true. Once they were brought to light, the church began changing those issues.

    You call him a monk. But, if memory serves he began as an Augustinian. They are friars, mendicants, not monks. Monks are monastic. Friars are itinerant. That is to say, Friars travel and preach. Monks stay enclosed.

    Problems began when Luther stopped being righteous and began being self-righteous. He stopped working for God and began working for himself.

    Why would anyone who longed for God wish to completely destroy an order within the church that lived as closely to the way Jesus lived as the Franciscans? Yet Luther said he'd love to burn them all.

    Much of the so called "witch burning" happened in Luther's Germany. While the Catholic Church gets blamed for it, the truth is it was Luther's Protestants burning Catholics as heretics. There were no Pagans burned during the Burning Times as so many seem to believe.

    Luther meant well. But as someone already mentioned, he decried his own folly towards the end of his life. "Now every milk maid who can read will found her own religion." And so it has been. Statistically, some 300 new branches of Christianity begin each year.

    Luther shattered God's church. I find it very sad. The shattering was also based on a lot of lies. Lies that people still believe and regularly fling at we Catholics.

    Can't we all just get along?

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    Protestant religions seem kind of empty and soulless, yet angry and ridiculous at the same time. Calvin claimed the road to hell is paved with the skulls of unbaptized infants. Yet, Luther knew accumulation of wealth and selling of heavenly dividends was wrong and was able to affect change.

    I may be wrong but all prodestants are derived from Luthers break after the 95 theses. The real break from Rome needs to come from the AMERICAN Catholic Church. They allow married clergy birth control and other modern reforms while keeping the fundamental catholic ceremonies.

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    As a former Catholic who converted to Christianity I previously knew next to nothing about him. However since, I've learned a lot about him, so much so that I now consider him to be one of the greatest Christians who ever lived. An awful lot of rubbish is talked about him which just informs you about the writers prejudices rather than anything accurate about Luther. But suffice to say Luther brought to light again the true Gospel which had lain for centuries under a mass of false teaching propagated by the Popes. The Gospel is that we are saved through faith alone in Christ to the exclusion of our works because salvation is purely a gift from God not something we have to earn through doing things. This is the teaching of the Apostle Paul in his letters, and the Catholic church in rejecting this has rejected the Gospel. Therefore no one can be saved who follows Roman Catholic teaching. I would just like to add that if we have true faith we will always do good works but they aren't a prerequisite for being saved in the first place.

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    The 39 Thesis was correct in stating that indulgences were wrong.

    Like someone said before me, St. Francis was a reformer. The difference between Francis and Martin Luther was that Francis sought to reform from within, Luther sought to do it from without.

    One reformer that I admire is Erasmus. He wrote "In Praise of Folly." He was a priest that believed in the importance of a reform, yet condemned Luther for leaving the One True Church.

    More people should learn about Erasmus

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  • It is too bad he broke from the Catholic Church, he would have been a remarkable doctor of the church. Towards the end of his life God prevailed, when Martin Luther wrote a letter to his mother to return to the Catholic Church. For he made a big mistake. He told his mother that her was wrong.

    Now see how many people he took with him and he couldn't correct it. To this day. God bless you.

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  • Every time I think of luther I think Antisemitic, have you seen some of his quotes?. he had 'some' good points about the church and the church did change some things with the 95 thesis, but Max marie made some great points above about Luther. There is quite alot I could say about luther, hypocrite for one. But I will say this I have NO issues with Lutherans i know quite a few but I have many ISSUES with Luther.

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    Initially he was right in saying about the lack od discipline of priest nuns and monks as well as indulgence which was not done properly

    But his real intention was to break away from the Roman Catholic Church and claimed that it was from the devil and tried to form his own distorted theology like Faith alone, removing several books like Macabees Esther Tobit James and so on.Even Modern day Lutherans put the book of James back into place

    and his real intention showed when he married Katherine von Bora a former German Catholic Monk which is adulterous whcih shows that he never wanted to keep his vow of celibacy

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    Luther was a very complex person who suffered from intense scruples which affected him especially in later life, he was to my thinking correct in challenging the Pope regarding the selling of indulgences but he got the taste for rebellion after this and went way overboard.

    It appears to me after reading a lot of literature on the life of Martin Luther that he developed mental problems that go some way in explaining his behaviour against the church, one thing is for sure Luther would not recognise the Protestant churches of today that have gone too far from his own doctrines.

    God bless.

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    Martin Lucifer Monk? he was a bishop.

    I think that about covers it.

    Now contrast Luther to St. Francis, each lived though a period where there was turmoil in the church, yet Francis through his humility became a Saint and Luther through his pride became ... well .. one hopes he repented during his final moments. But the damage he did lives on.

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    someone who took things to the extreme. while some of what he did - exposing the greed of SOME of the bishops at the time - was very valid and needed - the other was just making life easier. Christ's walk in this was was far from easy - faith isn't about taking the easy way out it's about the "high road" and getting TO the high road you generally cover a lot of challenging ground. he tried to make things easier and maybe bring the higher ground lower.

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