Trade Practices Act

Does the Trade Practices Act cover university ?

and what is trade practices act ?

it is under a " business law " area !

thanks for helping

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Since university is education instead of 'Trade', therfore Trade Practice Act does not cover university.

    The Trade Practices Act (TPA) applies to just about every aspect of a business - for example, advertising, price setting, and transactions with other businesses or consumers. Complying with the TPA minimises the risk of breaking the law and may actually improve performance by giving your business a competitive edge.

    Businesses of all types can benefit from putting in place measures aimed at improving relations with their customers. It's function includes:

    - Improve customer relations

    - Enhance reputation

    - Effectively assess and manage risks

    - Avoid the costs of legal proceedings

    - Increase your staff awareness about fair trading laws

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