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    你好 以下為我所做的翻譯內容 請過目 謝謝!

    Students XXX, in X years X months X Festival was born on his father, aged XX years old, graduated from the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, is a motivated, positive and enterprising students.

    My home in XX City, was born in an ordinary down-to-earth family, the father is a simple and honest people of the small businesses, the mother is a hard working housewife. I am the youngest at home and ranked the top one brother, currently a student at XXXX, my brother has always been among the highest achievements, but also take care of me very much.

    Parents usually are taken care of us, they also expect me to be able to have their own brother and a beautiful sky, so I chose the XXXXX for the first voluntary, they do not want their parents to live up to expectations.

    Parents of children belonging to a democratic and open way, but I have always been demanding of their own, in the elementary and junior high school days and the results have always been kept at the middle and upper classes, and after a XXXXXX is maintained in the class on the top ten.

    XXXXX second grade in the course of the class as a small cadre of teachers and to foster the ability to work and gain experience. Three years in the vocational, and actively participate in inter-class competitions and performances, and participated in the contest with a lot of out-of-school activities,

    In the school and community while planting the music and also slightly above range. And to participate in the off-campus courses for Violin and Jazz in order to cultivate a good atmosphere of the humanities.

    In the days to come, I will keep moving in the direction XXXXXX way for more specialized knowledge and ideas, to hard-working, down-to-earth spirit of learning, and to strengthen my English skills, and to cultivate the second skills expertise, constant innovation, and motivated to avoid being in this rapidly changing era of the eliminated.


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