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What does this mean in Latin? I only have the pronunciation : vo-loh Lamb-boh ves-tree universus so-mi ?


A guy said this to me, but wouldn't tell me what he meant..So I really appreciate trying to make sense of it! thanks so much for everyone who answered!

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  • aida
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    1 decade ago
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    First, it means that whoever said it to you didn't know much Latin, and looked up each English word he wanted to say and took the first Latin word he found, without any regard to inflections. It's a mess!

    Now, what I think he was saying is "Volo lambo vestri universus somi," and I think he was TRYING to say, "I want to lick your whole body." What he SHOULD have said (and I'm talking strictly about Latin grammar) is "Volo totum tuum corpus lambere." Actually, I'm only guessing that he meant "body," but since the only Latin words beginning with "som" begin with "somN" and refer to sleep, I suspect that he was thinking of the Greek word "soma," which means body and is used in various scientfic terms for that purpose.

    Source(s): Majored in Latin and had fifteen hours of Greek.
  • 1 decade ago

    I want [something] of your [something]

    I'm guessing it was not uttered by someone with much knowledge of Latin.

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