LGBT: Were there any famous individuals?

Your hometown or school?

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The only famous people from my area are matt Light who plays for the New England Patriots and Annie Oakley.

So not THAT famous.

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    Yeah... the first American person to play peter-pan died here. David Bowie has a house down the road along with Bob Dylan And Bill And Hillary Clinton, Michael Lang, Jimi Hendrix had a house here, so did all the members of The Band, Johnny Cash has a house up the road, Van Morrison has one here, Jogn Sebastian used to have one here. oh heck im not wrighting more... i'll just copy and past it... haha..


    Jimi Hendrix- guitarist/singer/songwriter

    Daevid Allen - Soft Machine/Gong singer/poet

    John Ashton - producer/guitarist for The Psychedelic Furs

    The Band members: Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, and Robbie Robertson - the five shared a house together, where they recorded The Basement Tapes (with Bob Dylan) and Music from Big Pink. The house, dubbed "Big Pink" is in neighboring Saugerties, though Danko, Manuel, Hudson and Helm all eventually moved to Woodstock.

    Cyro Baptista - Brazilian-born percussionist

    Richard Bell - keyboardist

    Ravi Shankar- Sitar Player, Composer

    David Bowie- songwriter, musician, fashion icon

    Paul Butterfield - blues musician

    Imani Coppola - singer/songwriter/musician (early 2000's)

    Kal David - blues musician

    Jack DeJohnette - jazz drummer

    Johnny Cash - country singer/guitarist/songwriter/composer

    Aïyb Dieng - drummer and percussionist

    Bob Dylan - singer/songwriter, in the late sixties. (He had his infamous motorcycle accident while living here in 1966.)

    Michael Esposito - lead guitarist with The Blues Magoos (Mercury Records 1960s)

    Jackson C. Frank - singer/songwriter

    John Hall - musician, co-founder of Orleans

    Bill Keith - banjo player/composer developed melodic or (Keith style) banjo picking.

    Steve Knight - keyboardist for Mountain; currently a member of the Woodstock Town Board

    Tony Levin - bassist

    Thelonious Monk - jazz musician

    Fred Neil - singer/songwriter

    Van Morrison - singer/songwriter

    David "Fathead" Newman - jazz musician

    John Platania - guitarist

    Bonnie Raitt - singer/songwriter

    Tom Rapp - singer /songwriter, leader of the band Pearls Before Swine

    Matt Flynn - Drummer for the band Maroon 5

    Mick Ronson - guitarist

    Todd Rundgren - singer/songwriter

    Robert Starer - pianist & composer

    David Peel - member of The Lower East Side Band

    Keith Strickland and Kate Pierson of the B-52s

    Gary Windo - saxophonist

    Pat Metheny - Grammy award winning guitarist

    Henry Cowell - composer

    Peter Schikele - composer

    Fred Hand - guitar

    Ed Sanders- Poet/Founder of Fugs band

    Donald McDonald - drummer

    Frank Luther - bassist

    Carlos Santana - guitarist

    Donald Fagen - co-founder Steely Dan

    John Sebastian - a founder of The Lovin' Spoonful

    Jimmy Cobb - jazz drummer

    Happy Traum - folk musician

    Artie Traum - award-winning guitarist, producer and songwriter

    Eric Weissberg - banjo player, best known for the theme from the movie Deliverance

    Elizabeth Mitchell - is an American singer, composer, and guitarist for the New York indie band Ida

    Peter Schickele - best known for his comedy music albums featuring music he wrote as P.D.Q. Bach

    Joey Eppard - Kingston, NY born singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist - best known for his Woodstock Rock band, 3

    Billy Riker - guitarist, bassist and keyboard player - best known for Woodstock Rock band, 3

    Gregan Wortman - Greenville, Maine native and guitar player performed at the Tinker Street Cafe and other venues and produced his TV show 'Psycho Circus' in Woodstock during a period from May to December 1996. Gregan Wortman premiered the eclectic variety show 'Psycho Circus' in November 1995 in Portland, Maine.

    Darryl Jenifer - Bad Brains Bass

    Libby Titus - singer, songwriter

    Rachael Yamagata - critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter - she wrote the album Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart during a nine-months period in Woodstock.


    Isaac Abrams - painter / sculptor

    Alexander Archipenko - sculptor

    George Ault - painter

    Milton Avery - painter

    George Bellows - painter

    Arnold Blanch - painter [1]

    James Brooks - painter

    Edward Leigh Chase - painter

    Frank Swift Chase - painter

    Andrew Michael Dasburg - painter

    Julio de Diego - painter, jeweler

    Richard Diebenkorn - painter

    Harvey Fite - sculptor

    Milton Glaser - graphic designer (creator of the ‘I Love New York’ logo)

    Mary Frank - painter

    Philip Guston - painter

    Sam Henderson - cartoonist

    Robert Henri - painter

    Eva Hesse- sculptor

    Richard Humann - conceptual artist

    Joel Iskowitz-Master Designer United States Mint

    Yasuo Kuniyoshi - painter

    Doris Lee - painter

    Ronnie Landfield - painter

    Elliot Landy - photographer

    Georges Malkine - painter

    Paul McMahon - conceptual artist / musician

    Vince Natale - illustrator/artist

    Jenny Nelson - painter

    Lyn Ott - painter

    Anton Refregier - painter

    Renee Samuels - painter

    Eugene Speicher - painter

    Roswita Szyszka - painter

    Bradley Walker Tomlin - painter


    Robert Duncan - poet

    Alf Evers - historian & author

    Paul Hoffman - author & TV Host

    Barney Hoskyns - aut

    EDIT- holy crap alot of famous people live/lived here... haha and thats not even all of them... haha

    EDIT 2- why all the thumbs down? didn't you ask? i honestly don't understand all the thumbs down here?

    Source(s): I.E. i live near Woodstock NY... haha
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    My "home" town is to small for anything like that.

    But i was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

    And Clint Catalyst was also born there.

    He's not all that famous but hes pretty well known in the LGBT community, and has a sort of cult following when it comes to his written work (which is absolutely wonderful).

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  • I grew up in a tiny little Wyoming town, with a population of like 200. Haha, no famous people there. I live in NY now and yes famous people live here, I don't know exactly who and don't really feel like finding out. Haha, sorry. :D

    MP: Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat :)

    Also, Love Game by Lady GaGa. :D


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    There's this famous trumpet player from my school. Tina Turner went to high school in my city. And lots of rappers have come from here. I live in St. Louis, Missouri.

    MP: Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version) or Sweet Victory.

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  • Jack B
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    Max Thieriot, the really cute/hot actor, was born in Los Altos Hills.

    Barry Bonds and Condoleezza Rice used to live here. So did David Packard, co-founder of HP.

    MP: Right now, I can't get enough of Keri Hilson's "Knock You Down".

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    Yes, I was born in Stockbridge, Georgia, and the very famous band that produce lots of hits in the 90's was from there, and you guessed it they are Collective Soul. In a lot of movies too, like Twilight, Baby Mama, Varsity Blues, Scream 2.

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    5 years ago

    Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi? I also want to say Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, but I'm not sure if they're together currently.

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    I have many "hometowns". I've moved ALOT. But currently i'm living in Las Vegas and i'm sure there are alot of famous people from here. (Also Vegas would probably be considered my hometown cause i've lived here the longest.)

    Ex. Charima Carpenter from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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    Nobody famous from here, but we have had movies filmed here. There was Tuck Everlasting and Run Away Bride recently.

    MP: Paparazzi

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    yes! michelle mognahan...the big time movie star and model came from my small hick town school in the middle of iowa in a 700 person did robert gallery the football player for the oakland raiders. no joke, i was just thinking about this yesterday. and a few weeks ago robert gallery revisited our school to donate 10,000 dollars to the middleschool sports program and we had a pep-rally and a dance for him and they put it on the eastern iowa news. it was awesome!

    MP: anything by frou frou, or uh huh her...or camila grey...or imogen heap...or the youtuber 'catswillrule!'

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    Sarah Jessica Parker came from Cincinnati.. Oh god, there's TONS of people I just can't think of anymore besides her.. I love how your question was about fems. And I just said I'm not really a fem and then I just quoted where Sarah Jessica Parker was from.. lol HILARIOUS..

    MP:Birthday Sex by jeremih.

    Paparrazi by Lady gaga (the acoustic version)

    I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me, your papa-paparrazi.

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