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who exactly is the "enemy" in the war on terrorism and how can they be defeated?

The United States is actively prosecuting a "War on Terror" but the questions of who exactly is the "enemy" and how can they be defeated seems to be frustratingly elusive. In the meantime the search for security has caused the rest of the world to question both the policies and tactics of the U.S.

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    The enemy is the bankers controlling this war and Special interest groups.

    The Federal Reserved has just been robbed for Trillions! We must stop this.

    Help us get a bill passed that allows Government Accountability. It's called HR1207

    Supports Audits of the Federal Reserve

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    If you are an Obama supporter this is not an attack on him! This bill simply supports Obama’s promise of transparency. But this bill must first pass through congress to get on his desk.

    Don’t know what to say?

    1. Call 1-877-851-6437 Tell the Operator you want to be directed to your Congressman to ask him/her to support a Bill.

    2. Give the Operator your ZIPCODE

    3. “I would like my congressman to support HR1207 I feel very strongly about this and believe that the Federal Reserve should be audited”

    “Obama promised transparency and auditing the Federal Reserve is part of transparency”

    “I want my congressman to support HR1207”

    With almost 50% of the House of Representatives already co-sponsoring this bill, it has real potential to pass — BUT only if we educate and rally the people to support it and get our Congress people to put it to vote and pass it.

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    The US alone supports more terrorists than any other nation. It was the US that funded al-Qaeda in the 80s and supported the Taliban in the 90s and sat them at the White House dinner table to negotiate pipeline deals. War on Terror is just a political campaign used by the US for their own imperialistic gain. If you havent noticed, all states that seem to be harboring terrorists all have an abundance in oil and natural gas. States such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Pakistan all seem to be singled out even though terrorism is a worldwide problem. 'War on Terror' is for fools, no one believes in that crap anymore, just like how people stopped believing that the US is speading "democracy". get the fcuk outta here.

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    We killed Saddam's sons and watched him hanged by way of his possess individuals who he spent many years murdering. So that is a plus. And the terrorists have killed a ton of blameless individuals (each right here and in Iraq), however that does not crisis you, does it? And terrorist plots got here earlier than the battle, or do not you take into account? nine/eleven, the embassies and naval ships distinctive, the WTC assault a decade in the past, the shoe bomber, and on and on and on. Iraq was once higher off below Saddam? Wow, go anything you are smoking. He killed tens of hundreds of his possess individuals in view that they had been Kurds. He despatched youngsters to the entrance strains after he invaded Iran. And he tortured and raped hundreds in his prisons (his sons recorded those parties for his or her later viewing delight) Yes, there are civilian casualties, however the insurgents are focusing on civilians along side the army. Our troops are combating an enemy that hides among the civilian populace and there are going to be errors. There's a significant change.

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    squeeze the truth out of obama,he's the only one that KNOWS!

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