Is Tim Duncan the best PF today?

I think Timmy is better than KG, he makes his teamates better knows how to win games at least even if they still call him boring,
Update: crap you guys are lucky I didn't have to put up his acheivements, even pau, amare and aldrige can't do what Tim Duncan has done

clearly he's already among the greats, along with Barkely Malone, etc.
Update 2: so what if Dirk got all nba team, was he able to get all nba team and all defensive team at the same time?
Update 3: he's already proven to be a leader nobody expected manu and parker to play great at the start of their carrers but somehow he was able to make allstars out of them, he might not be the tim duncan we all grew up and knew but still his pressence is still a force to be reckoned with
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