Is Tim Duncan the best PF today?

I think Timmy is better than KG, he makes his teamates better knows how to win games at least even if they still call him boring,


crap you guys are lucky I didn't have to put up his acheivements, even pau, amare and aldrige can't do what Tim Duncan has done

clearly he's already among the greats, along with Barkely Malone, etc.

Update 2:

so what if Dirk got all nba team, was he able to get all nba team and all defensive team at the same time?

Update 3:

he's already proven to be a leader nobody expected manu and parker to play great at the start of their carrers but somehow he was able to make allstars out of them, he might not be the tim duncan we all grew up and knew but still his pressence is still a force to be reckoned with

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    Yes,he is

    He's the best and most franchise PF ever.He still makes his team mates a lot better,is great at defense,is consistant 21/11,6/2/4 guy in his career with good leadership abilties.Thanks god that he had good teacher in Davind Robinson

    KG is second because he's the best defensive and rebounding PF ever.He's a power player and his strength is shown with the power dunks,great blocker,post defender and has nice post moves in offese.21/13/5/1,8 guy through his career

    Dirk is the best shooting big men ever,he's a great rebounder,big men passer and blocker.He's the best PF when he's attacking the basket,become an averge defender too.He's the only player in the NBA History that had over 100 3's and 150 blocks in a season.22,8/9,1/1,0/ guy in his career with career % of 47,2%FG,38,8% e pt FG


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    No, he just has been lucky with a great coach and front office,

    If Dirk had Parker, Ginobli, Robinson, Elliot, Kerr etc, he would have 5 titles and Duncan 0

    Thats the tough thing about sports, the bias media creating things out of thin air.

    Duncan is a great palyer but has always had the 8 players around him to help.

    How far did Duncan go w/o Ginobli this year they could not beat the one man team of Dallas.

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    IF he was totally healthy today, hes still the best in the game, unfortunately hes not healthy so hes not all that effective

    TIm Duncan is in the top 5 all time as far as big men goes, His accomplishments are great. sure hes had good teams around his but which champion hasnt. Plus hes had 2 different supportingg casts for 4 different rings

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    i thought he was until this season but guess he was injured but i think his age has set him back now and behind others in the game

    also thought KG was the best but idk now, esp since his knee injury. he is the best in intensity tho

    Amare is another good one...but hes not the best imo yet

    as the playoffs go on i think PAU is the best. He's very good and underrated in this competition at the position. He has good ball handles and good defense. Has a great shot as well

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    Duncan is a Center, but he likes to be called a PF if u compared him against the best Centers he would probably be in 5th or something

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    Hell no. Dirk Nowitzki is the best PF today. He even made the 1st nba team this year.

  • he's the greatest in NBA history at PF. He's been 20 ppg and 10 reb basically his entire career and has been consistent in killing everyone he goes against.

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    tim duncan- is one of the best in the, no doubt about it...........just wish he was still in his prime....seems like his play is starting to decline.......just a lil"mr. fundamentals"

    Source(s): i personally love his game.
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    dirk nowitzki

  • 1 decade ago

    no he isn't and it sure as hell isn't Pau Gasol LMFAO! KG by a MILE

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