So I'm looking for a good multi-purpose hunting/survival knife?

Background: Me and some of my friends are planning "A week in the wilderness" with minimal supplies (eg. a good knife, a canteen, first aid kit, etc.) and I've been looking for a knife I could use. I'm looking at a price range of about $200. Some of the features I'd want is like a removable flint in the handle to strike fires, serrated or half-serrated blade, etc. Survival-y stuff =)

If you guys have any questions, I'll add it to the details, but I'm looking for suggestions of where I could buy a knife like that, or specific knives you'd like me to look at.

Thanks in advance!


It doesn't really matter what kind of knife, just as long as it's very functional and not overly expensive

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    What are these 'multi-purposes?' Must the knife split wood? In that case I like Cold Steel's Recon Scout...before anyone asks, I bought it on clearance for about $40 normal street price is $80-90. For $40 I'm happy...but it is basically a very thick, very heavy bowie-style knife. It's sharp, it's heavy enough to chop and split, one could presumably dismantle a car body with it, and unless you put a lot of effort into it or it were really cold, it won't break. Not to say there aren't other knives, but it's the one I've used to cut wood and chop Romex, and I'm still impressed.

    IMHO, I've never seen the need for gizmos and gadgets integrated into a knife. At least not a $200 dollar knife. If there's an accessory pouch, sure, load it up. But on the knife, there's little I can see adding that would really work well, and not just obstruct the knife. The one knife I will make that exception for is the ToolLogic lockback knife with the flint rod in the handle. I think it may be discontinued, but it was just that, a lockback with a spark-producing rod in a little holder integrated into the handle. the BEST part of the package was the serrated notch at the choil, seperate from the blade, for the express purpose of using to make sparks. It worked like...awesome. Oh, it also has a whistle built in too.

    My thought? If you have $200...

    Buy a good lockback. Doesn't have to be big. It's gonna be cutting all the string and other little things and you should end up carrying it in your pocket all day every day for the rest of your life. As long as it's decent steel, and/or made in US, you're good. I like Gerber, CRKT, and Kershaw.

    Buy a multi-tool, a Gerber, a Leatherman, etc. The pliers are one thing you can't really replace. Use them to lift hot pots, bend metal, pull splinters, crush nuts, and etc. Plus you have other survival tools like wire cutters, screwdrivers, files/saws, another knife blade, and most importantly, CAN OPENER.

    If you have some money left, you can buy either a decent fixed-blade knife, a machete, or a folding saw...or some thereof. A heavy bowie-type can both chop and cut...I used the Cold Steel to dice up a beef roast for chili...after chopping wood and then washing it. A machete is somewhat lighter, more utilitarian, less brittle (but harder to keep sharp-sharp) and better at big sweeps like grass and brush. That, and cheaper. Either CS, Ontario, or some other reputable brand. Machete can also dig and do other 'don't do this to a knife' jobs.

    A saw is the best way to make precision cuts in wood (For tools and furniture), and is a safe way to cut wood in general. Props to Gerber's "Gator" model saw with the interchangeable blade. It does the job.

    Last, but not least, make sure you have enough money, buy a real knife sharpener and learn how to use it. I say get either a two-sided whetstone, a flat diamond hone, or one of the kits from Lansky or the like if you get spendy. A dull knife is USELESS and DANGEROUS. As for your 'survival' a small flat-rock and perhaps a Smith's diamond-hone pencil will serve to keep the edge keen.

    Before your outing, make a plan. Make sure you are close enough to safety that you can get out if things get too tough (storm-of-century, forest fire, break leg, etc.) Bring water, it's pretty much the only thing that over the short term you will absolutely need but can't necesarily find everywhere. Practice your 'skills' in your backyard. And bringing 'backup' is not chicken, it is SMART. Do you think the survival expert on TV would be rubbing two sticks together in a pile of pocket lint and assorted loose hairs if he had a Bic lighter, or a Zippo/Ronson lighter and a tin of fuel, or a thermite grenade, and starting that fire were crucial?

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    The best has unfortunatly been discontinued --- the orginal Leatherman. The new ones aren't worth bringing home. If you're an Ebay buyer, you can still get one new in the package for about 30-35 dollars to your door. Sorry, thought you said multi-purpose tool. I stand by it though as the knife on it has a great edge in addition to all the other benifits of a multi-tool. As far as knives - any Gerber, Buck, Old Timer, Shrade, etc are going to be alright. I have preference to a lockblade so it doesn't folt on you. I would not get a serrated one though.

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    Search for survival knife.

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    a gerber lmf is a good survival knife. it doesnt have the flint in the handle but it does have some cool features you might like. plus its only $100 last time i checked.

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    a damn carbon steel butcher with a sheith would work fine and had for hundreds of years but I recon you're looking for a RAMBO knife...they all work but stainless can break! now wouldnt that be funny!

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    Kukri styles are nice since they are a knife/hatchet but they lack the flint and serrated edge.

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    Gerber are the ones i prefer but there are others. Leatherman, and swiss army knifes are good also

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    A russina made kizlyar or of course a ka-bar

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    A good Ka-Bar / Becker Can"T go wrong !!

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