OC & G- What do You Think About the Shooting at the Holocaust Museum In DC?

It touched me because I used to work across the street, and I was shocked at the age of the man who did it, 88 yrs old. I would think someone that age would be beyond all that hatred and be trying to make peace before he dies. What do you think about this horrible event??


Yes, I know he was a anti Semitic, that's horrible. I used to tour that museum all the time.

Pinky Yeah someone died, a security guard who worked there 6 years. Here's the link to an article about it....http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090610/ap_on_re_us/us...

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    yes its scary but for me I am one of the MOST people who are scared i was in the museum on a school field trip on the 4th floor right above were the guard was hit i heard the shots POP POP POP POP then i went to a window to see a guy laying in the floor trying to crawl away from the corner of my eye and also the guy the 88 yea old man was part of a natiz group who think hilter did not finsh his job and they belive no one listens to them so they go on rampages like this because they think the holocaust was a bunch of BS which is not true at all. now i can give facts the guy came to the door and the guard steven johns saw the 88 year old man and was nice enough to open the door for him now he had the rifle in his hands but it was hidden as they say so when steven open the door the shooter shot him steven was hit in the shoulder but it hit a artilely or something after he fell to the ground he crawled into the gfit shop and stayed there. a women cop was sitting there crying who was scared but the gunman started to raise a gun to her so she pulled out of pistol POP POP POP she shot at him and hit the gun man wounding him later that day steven was prodounce dead at the hospital and died from his gunshot wounds the gun man was told to be really hurt and he was later that night charged with 1st degree muder and for hate crimes. now when i saw the guard laying on the ground i was later pulled away from the window by a agent who locked the doors and put my group on lock down and went to fight he later came back and escorted us out a side door and across the street into the field my school and everyone in the field was later being watched by a police helicopter with 2 sharpshooters in it to protect us just in case he tried to run toward the field. 2 girls in my school was consider missing but was found by swat teams i think. 2 guards got hurt 1 died as i said and 1 was wounded and is expected to be ok. the gunman might die from his wounds but right now its prob. a 50/50 chance. he has alot of history for crimes like this like in the 90s he tried to kidnap a goverment worker with a sawed off shotgun and he later put on his site "i was sent to jail by a jew jury and a nergo judge" he is known as a member of a natiz group as i said.

    hope i helped

    RIP Stephen Tyrone James 6/10/09 we will never forget your sacfic :(

    i am feeling many feelings

    i am sad that Stephen Tyrone James died

    angery at the gunman

    nervous from being there

    scared from being there

    thankful that he saved me and my fellow classmates/teacher and the rest of the kids and people

    i am a mental reck i saw something that a 14 year old should not have witness :'(

    Source(s): one of the school kids there at the time
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    It was very upsetting. I figured it to be an anti-Semitic before that was confirmed.

    I once visited the Washington DC Holocaust Museum. At the time, it was so saddening to see the documented horrors of the Holocaust. It's a shame that this man has so much hatred to do something like this.

    Source(s): Black American woman
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    Racists need to take note, is this the kind of life they really want? To be 88 years old and full of that much hate, what a miserable life. These people are so lost and the only thing they cling to is their hate I couldn't imagine living like that.

    Also, everyone should take note to Mister Europe's comment. I do believe this will be spun to mourn for the Jews and in fact it was a Black security officer who died, I hope he does not go unnoticed and his efforts unappreciated.

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    Because the DC is too small to effectively control guns. Criminals can just go to Virginia (whose gun laws are a big joke) and bring a gun back. There are no border checks when entering DC. In order for gun control to really be effective, it needs to be done nationwide, or at least in an area big enough to make it difficult to hop across the border and bring a gun back.

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    Personally, I think any racist nut is dangerous. Unfortunately, any killing is sad. It is sad to the family of the deceased, friends, and neighbors. It is also sad for the nation that people cannot get along, and life is looked upon as being so cheap. Remember abortion is murdering a baby, sanctioned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

    Source(s): All murders are sad, no matter who commits them, or for what purpose.
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    It truly saddens me. I feel for the family of the security guard. None of us ever see's death coming to us. We just have to try to live the best life that we can. That security guard died trying to protect innocent people and that coward is still alive after trying to harm innocent people and murdering a hero. God know's best.

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    Well hes a white supremacist what do you expect? but the fact that he was arrested before is just ridiculous. people dont have better things to do than show their ignorance to the world. man we need more insecure people. "dont let your emotions overpower your intellegence." I just wish that people would start accepting the fact that the holocaust did happen and that they would stop denying it! just like the armenian genocide. i mean theres proof, and they still deny it? wow i dont think a whole race would lie about something this big. this is just another unacceptable event! whats next? and north korea wants to start a war with the us now! great just fricken great, thats just what we need in the middle of a recession, in the middle of another war. just fricken fabulous.

    Source(s): i dont know why youre rating me down people. im not being racist im just stating what the article called him.
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    people die that's always been the way of it, this hits you 'cause it happens so close but folks are dying all the time, the only thing i've seen that anyone can do is to try and not to be one of them, hatred never gets old my dear depending on the person it sometimes just gets deeper

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    Hatred lives on for a long time in people. I hope God is as hateful towards him on judgment day as he was towards that poor man all because the color of his skin.

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    It is disgusting. and i did not know the offenders age.That makes it even sadder. This is a person you would think you can look up to, go to for guidance and wisdom. Just goes to show- getting old does not guarantee a change in one's inner person. makes you wonder about these young people displaying so much hate already. How long will they hold onto it?

    Source(s): that's right. I said it. To all you hateful little kiddie racists on here, and you haters who hold grudges...wake up.
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