Gold & Brown Eyeshadow, tips for making my eyes pop?

I have almond shaped almost black eyes, and I have noticed that my eyes tend to look very small in pictures. I bought a gold and brown eye shadow to make maybe a smokey look to make my eyes pop a little more. I also use liquid liner and mascara everyday. Any other tips on making my eyes pop in pictures? Thank you

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    Apply the gold shadow over your entire eye for a pretty shimmery base. Take the brown and shade it on your outer corner of the eye, making a sideways V-shape, extending a bit past your outer corner to make it appear larger. Then dab a shimmery ivory shadow like Maybelline's Tranquil Sands to your inner corner to brighten the eye, and along your browbone to lift the eye.

    Then take the liquid liner and line JUST your top lashline, winging it a tad out at the ends. Curl your lashes for about 10 seconds each and apply mascara.

    Hope this helps!

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    you should cover your lid to the crease in the gold eyeshadow, but dont overdo it. be light with it. next you should get a round blending brush and take some brown. start in the outer part of your crease and go in little circles, staying in the crease. slowly work your way along the crease to about 3/4 to the inside corner of your eye. then maybe take a matte cream or nude color eyeshadow and use that as a highlight on your brow bone! lol and if you want, you can use a white eyeliner pencil or coal pencil and use that on your water line. if not then dont put the liquid liner on your waterline. :) i do this a lot in the summer because its quick, looks really pretty, and makes your eyes pop!

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    liquid eyeliner can make them look smaller;

    and try white eyeliner. it sounds weird but, it'll make youre eyes look wider, so they get noticed moree:)

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