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If x^2-10x+C is a perfect square trinomial, what is the value of C?

Then, write the trinomial in factored form , i.e, as a square binomial.

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    C should be the half of B squared

    (10/2)^2 = 25

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    C = (-10/2)² = 25

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    Since the formula would be:

    (a+b)(a+b) = a^2 + 2ab + b^2

    Take the middle factor (2ab): -10x

    Divide it by the "a": -10x/x

    Which leaves us with 2b: -10

    Divide it by 2 to find the "b": -10/2

    So b is: -5

    Square this to get the b^2, or C in your case: 25

    And it's as simple as that :]


    (x-5)(x-5) = x^2 -10x + 25

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    It's x-5 as opposed to x+5 because in the original equations it is -10x instead of +10x

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    The factored for is (x+5)^2.

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