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is pelting Nick Griffin with eggs achieving anything?

after all he's a Xenophobe rather than omletteophobic.

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    Sure, dude, pelting someone with eggs is good fun. And fun is a completely worthwhile goal to achieve.

  • Ciaron
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    1 decade ago

    Egging politicans is a standard practice, still it is a waste of eggs. It's an occupational hazard for them. As for Nick Griffin, it has given him more publicity than all the documentries about him in the last 15 years. He may not like having the eggs on him but more people have heard of him now.

  • Brenda
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    4 years ago

    the labour government has lost the plot. the reason people voted bnp was not because of the expense scandal but because of labours gross ignorance of the working people. I opened the daily mail today what did i read?. how the voters have put a neo nazi party into the eu who will 'Pocket ' £5.2million of tax payers money, well seeing as how they only won 2 seats, I'm not a mathematician but work it out, how much are the other parties 'pocketing'.. then you got judge Elwen who was accused of being racist for using the word gypped, in accusing someone of being a con merchant or a cheat, the pc brigade where right in there accusing him of being defamatory to the gypsies.. well i got a gyppy back and this was nearly the straw that broke it, till i read of newly appointed environmental minister,Hillary Benn. well blow me down. he's threatening us all with a £100 fine. 'its time for a new war on waste'. he says. well done.. you really deserve that job. not. shame on all pc government and their officials who allow refuge collectors to leave a dead body in a bin for 3 weeks because it is too heavy to pull down a drive

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Were they Ostrich eggs? If not I fail to see how they could possibly be termed assaulting him. I have been hit with eggs...they're messy but hardly lethal or even injurious.

    The BNP was around when I was in Britain in the 1980's.But then they dressed in bovver boy boots and Union Jack t-shirts, said phuck a lot and listened to Neo Nazi punk that had overtly homoerotic imagery all through it. They slammed, naked from the waist up, speeding off their t its and blind drunk. Charming lot, I must say.

    And in those days their preferred form of political expression was to stuff burning rags through the letterboxes of Asians and Africans. As you would know those little terrace houses only have one door...the front one.

    The idea was to block off the only exit and ensure that the occupants were trapped inside with the fire. They wanted to cause maximum injury and ensure the best chance of killing their intended victims. Tragically they were often successful in these aims.

    They are animals.

    Now we have people pleading that they should be treated with respect??


    So he put on a suit and learned some big words...he's still a racist hate monger.

    Eggs are too good for him. I would have thrown dog turds!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's getting him covered in egg. That'a about it. The BNP are about as big a political threat as the National Front were. Not very. The Bloke is as dumb as a box of hair, his followers are laughable, his policies a joke, (not a very good one, I grant you) but now they have two seats on the European Parliament, they think they are up there with the big boys. And isn't that the same European Parliament that the BNP were slagging off as being "Anti British" only this time last year? I'm surprised they accepted their nominations. The two faced wheedling Nazi Bastards.

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    Although I am not a Member of the British National Party.I feel someone ought to be honest about this incident.

    I and others do not believe in the political path that Gordon Brown is taking us down.

    Now;Does that give anyone the right to pelt him and others of his political persuasion with eggs.

    Has thuggery taken an acceptable guise?A rule for one and a rule for another.

    Some how;People with the best intentions are playing into the hands of others!

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    I think you're all missing the point here, people.

    The simple truth is that I haven't had a bit in over 8 hours and so far all protests to my local MP have fallen on deaf ears.

    I now plan falling on his face instead - and I don't give a hoot WHICH political party he represents.

    Needs must!

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    I loathe the man and hate his policies, but he has a right to be protected under law from what is effectively common assault. The anti-fascist protesters have only weakened their own cause and promoted his, which is very, very sad.

    My attitude is always to give them enough rope to hang themselves, which is economical and less time-consuming in the long run. And now that the BNP is a legitimate party with MEPs, they will soon trip themselves up under the pressure of the media glare. Nick Griffin will soon be revealed in his true colours (which is a thought that rather turns my stomch ;-P) and I am sure that by then there will be a very long queue to kick the stool out from underneath him (metaphorically).

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    If it makes you laugh I guess that's enough.

    This morning I am finally going to turn on the news as yu have intrigue me to find the BBC.

    We did it with pies, cream filled right up close and personal cheeky Canuks with lemon harangue

    Out of touch is what I am with news that brings the blues

    So a laugh or two I need with ham and onions and cheese

    Good Morning eh

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    No, it achieves nothing. I dont like the BNP, I personally think they do not understand the real issues. Nationalism has nothing to do with issues like asylum seekers and the EU; they are far more complicated than that. However, the BNP are a legally registered party in the UK. Until they are found guilty in a court of law of a crime they have a right to exist. But you dont have a right to assault somebody.

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