Holocaust museum shooting, how many people even if not killers, are prejudice against people of color and why?

Most blacks that are mad or racist are mad as a result of what many whites have done and still do. Whites dominate America institutionally and politically. Even Barack Obama experienced racism not only from rural america and the south but from many white democratic hillary clinton supporters. The current racism and discrimination against blacks stems from the same hatred that was and still is a tragedy and legacy of racism and discrimination against blacks since we have been in this country.

How do you think it feels to be a person of color when our color is looked at in every arena and situation also the mental and physical and psychological affect of white dominance and privilege and racism and discrimination whether small or large. Hurricane katrina, which was recent was terrible, in 2008 I even experienced blatant racism from my college professor. If you're not there when it happens, how can you say racism doesn't exist. Even successful people experienced and continue to endure the fact that their color affects people's actions towards them?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm not quite sure why you are discussing black white relations. The shooting that occurred at the museum today was a White Supremacist who hates Jews. (although I'm sure he hates Black people too).

    Just remember that crazy White man does NOT represent all of us White people.

  • ldp
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    1 decade ago

    I think I missed the question you wanted to ask but here is my grain of salt.

    We can't run away from hatred in any form, neither can we hide from it

    The solution is at an individual level because we cannot force people to do differently; they have to be changed at the mind and heart level.

    In the meantime we have to live in a manner that shows clearly we are against hatred in any form. It is a personal choice and no amount of complaining and fighting or killing is going to change that.

    Here we see the power of one; you

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    4 years ago

    i've got faith like anybody with a teaspoon of compassion and empathy of their hearts could experience. i think of it somewhat is terrible and disgusting how somebody could desire to try this. It makes me experience ill that somebody could try this on the Holocaust Museum of all places! Stuff like because of the fact of this we've a lot of racial themes and stereotypes in this united states of america.

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